Independent Senior Sales Executive

London, South East
£30000 - £100000/annum Commissions with Residual
18 Oct 2016
17 Nov 2016
Contract Type
We are looking for Senior Sales Consultants, that have an absolute minimum of one years’ sales experience, (not retail or customer service). You will be entrepreneurial, commercial and want now to earn a much higher percentage of your deals. You have probably thought seriously about starting your own business, but been put off by the costs, risks and other factors. You though are highly money motivated and want a high degree of autonomy and independence. (You can work this opportunity from our office or at home, full or part time in line with other business interests.)

You will have experience with fast growth ambitious companies that have or intend to scale up quickly and have the products/services with a clear and substantial market potential. You will be looking for an opportunity where you can achieve financial freedom by utilising your skills and experience and motivation.

You have probably worked out the simple maths of the profit you brought into the company from your sales and what your basic and commission was divided into it. Then you questioned why the employer should get the lion’s share. The answer is they justify this by giving you a basic salary. Of course if you did not perform that would not last long! You also probably realised that your percentages share of profits has to be kept low to fund all the average, below average and non-producers your company employs. If you are good at sales and earning less than even £50,000 per annum you know that you have the wrong company, the wrong product, the wrong market or the wrong formula. We aim to convince you that we have all that right for you, assuming you bring the experience, skills an attitude to become very wealthy with us. We pay double to performers because we do not carry passengers. We also give you the chance to build your own equity through our ownership of fee rights in our contract.

We offer an exciting lucrative self-employed opportunity that has both an active and building residual opportunity. You must be looking and serious about earning in six figures and building the passive element of that. We pay out up to 65% of every fee in. We also give a contract where you own the fee rights of any clients you bring in. That means you gain a residual income. We also can give you work for clients on board to build fast. We really do have some special products that are much easier to sell than most.

Our key product is helping ambitious companies grow by accelerating their sales through our specialist recruitment, consultancy and training services. We can grow teams quite quickly and save a small fortune in finance for our clients and substantially reduce their risk. We are exceptionally good at this and lead the market. You receive an income on every sale that anyone we place makes ongoing in your client. We have clients looking for a 1000 sales agents around the UK. You will have a contract giving you ownership rights to those ongoing fees. Your role will be to initially close deals and then continue leading a consultancy service to that client.

We also service all other professional areas of recruitment and offer a 12 months’ full replacement deal with costs spread over the year. This is very popular and unique in the market. We are now looking to open up and build a big business in the USA through contacts there.

What we offer is very unique always innovative with a clear market. No real competition with a substantial offer. The challenge is in offering a very high level of consultancy service starting at first contact. It will probably be one of the easiest sales you have made. We are targeting companies with at least 10 vacancies at a time. Ideally you will have experience in a sector and wish to turn that experience, knowledge and contacts into an immediate and growing consultancy income.

The sourcing, filtering and training of people placed is done via other personnel. Your role is a senior project manager directing the business.

We rarely take on a client without a deposit. This means that there is a fast short term income as well as a real opportunity to achieve financial freedom in a 2-3-year timescale. We do not pay basics although we sometimes pay advances on a case by case basis. If your thinking is, you need a basic then you will not be strong or confident enough for this high income opportunity. We are more looking for partners than passengers, entrepreneurs more than employees.

We expect you to take the initiative under our guidance to secure first deals, as we progress there will be increasing marketing support. Every company that is recruiting permanent staff at a graduate, professional or skilled level is a potential customer for us. No shortage of market and you will be approaching them with an offer they have not heard before.

Initially you will work based from our Gatwick offices and we will work with you to build your portfolio. As you develop you will be more visiting customers in the country and perhaps abroad. We are also later this year opening an operation in Spain where you will have privileges and support from a marketing and recruitment team.


Sales on telephone and face to face.
Generate and work contacts and other leads.
Visit and close deals with prospective customers.
Network on LinkedIn and in physical locations.
Build and develop strong relationships with customers and potential customers.
Project manage each client on an ongoing basis
You must have a valid driving license and access to a vehicle.
You will be given a contract on day one.
The ideal candidate for this role will be:

Strong, motivated and experienced to sell face to face and close deals.
Focused and determined to earn a high income, at least over £100,000 per annum.
Confident in their own ability to deliver.
Experienced in a dynamic growth business.
Thinking to build long term assets that produce a residual income.
Interested applicants with the required skills please send your CV