MOT Tester

Kwik Fit
27 Sep 2016
23 Oct 2016
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Nominated Testers (NTs) are those people employed by the Retail Group to carry out MOT tests, confirm test results and to sign test certificates. The NT must personally make all decisions on passing or failing every testable item during the test. Note: With the exceptions of points 10 & 11 of this section, for the purpose of this document, the Floating Testers are described as Nominated Testers (NTs). Principal Responsibilities To adhere to all relevant Retail Group Health & Safety policies, procedures and guidance, whilst carrying out MOT testing and working in the Retail Centre. Perform the test to the standards laid down by VOSA per their instructions contained in the current'Tester's Manual', 'The MOT Testers Guide', 'VTS Device User Guide' and any other supplementary information e.g. Special Notices. Not to carry out a MOT test on a vehicle if it is of a class or type of vehicle which they are not authorised to test, or a type of test he/she is not authorised to carry out. To take sufficient time to correctly inspect the vehicle (there is no upper or lower time limit - the duration of the test will depend on the age and type of vehicle submitted for the test). Not to allow anyone to influence their decision. To always use an assistant, who must be a Group employee, for those parts of the test where it is required. Upon completion of the vehicle inspection, to accurately enter the details into the VTS Device as specified in the VTS Device User Guide. The Centre Manager must be given the appropriate documents and any relevant information. To inform the Retail Centre Manager in the event of any item of the designated test equipment failing. To act upon any Special Notices. A printed copy of the Special Notice must be retained and filed in the MOT Administration folder if the Special Notice states a printed copy is required. To inform the Retail Centre Manager, Operations Manager, MOT Scheme Manager and VOSA if they are disqualified from driving. In the event that they are transferred to another Testing Station, ensure that their details are entered into the VTS Device of that Testing Station. They must also ensure that their details are removed from the testing station they are leaving. Where applicable, acknowledge any guidance recorded by the QC on the VTS Device. Take all reasonable care of the VTS Device and all associated equipment, including printer, smart card reader, connections and cables etc. Keep the MOT Bay clean and tidy. The MOT viewing area is available for presenters of vehicles to view the MOT being carried out on their vehicle. This area must be clean and free from obstructions at all times. That the gas analyser PC, PDA or other provided computer equipment is not: Protected by a private password Used for any purpose other than conducting an MOT test. Loaded with any additional software, other than that provided by the Company, VOSA or nominated contractor. Used to play, stream or otherwise music, video or photographs. Inform customers of the required and advisory work and reasons Remove & refit components and carry out tyre related adjustments in accordance with the Technical Standards & Work Instructions and personal competencies. Contribute to Good Housekeeping routines. Place goods and materials in to storage and participate in stock routines as directed. Understand and adhere to the Company's policies and procedures To ensure awareness, adherence and promotion of Health & Safety, Group Policies& Procedures and Audit Requirements This job was originally posted as