Permanent Part-Time HR Manager to c £35,000 pa pro-rata - CARDIFF

Human Resourcing Ltd
Cardiff (Caerdydd)
From £30,000 to £35,000 per annum pro-rata (3 days per week)
27 Sep 2016
20 Oct 2016
IT, Recruitment
Our client requires an experienced HR Manager to work 3 days per week at its Cardiff based site whilst helping and supporting the business in creating an environment that attracts, develops and retains individuals who have the capability and commitment required for its continued growth and success. Recruitment Recruiting people who can do the role, will enjoy the wo rk and can potentially thrive in the environment Approval to hire process: Business case / Partner agreement Role profile Recruitment options - cost appropriate for role Selection process – fair and appropriate for role Line managers trained in interviewing and selection Equality and diversity - considered in all aspects of the recruitment process Records retained in line with data protection legislation Performance management Individuals are clear how their role and what they do contributes to the Firm’s performance Individuals have the skills or have the potential to d evelop the skills to ensure the Firm’s success now and in the future Induction process - which enables a rapid and effective integration for new starters into the Firm Role profiles – which accurately reflect what an individual’s role and responsibilities and help to show potential career progression Objectives Are cascaded down from the business objectives Agreed with individuals as realistic, appropriate and achievable Identified and recorded for all individuals Reviewed and updated as part of the annual review process Development Support and training needs for new starters identified and appropriate methods enacted coaching, mentoring, training etc Individuals development needs identified and recorded as development objectives D evelopment/ training plans and or c areer paths in place that provide individuals with the opportunity to develop their full potential Development /training plans reviewed and updated as part of the review process Training needs analysis prepared to reflect development needs for teams/individuals to help and support the business requirements now and in the future Managers and key staff trained in coaching and mentoring as part of their development • Performance Review Probation reviews carried out to ensure new starters are aware how they are performing and to help identify any training /development needs etc. All individuals are provided with regular feedback so they are aware how they are performing in respect of performance sta ndards, objectives, development and customer feedback Line managers are competent at giving feedback and understand its importance to the individual, team and business performance Performance improvement plans are in place where required Annual reviews carried out and documented within specified timescales Collated individual feedback from the review process is correlated and fe dback to the Partners Reward The firm’s remuneration is fair and affordable. The overall reward package is competitive and helps us to retain and attract high calibre employees Salary survey Conduct annual market pay and benefits research Based on market research, skills, qualifications and internal benchmarking recommend where and what adjustments would be appropriate Annually review the total reward packages provided by competitors and maintain awareness of current and new thinking . Based on research propose cost effective ideas that will s upport employee engagement and c ould potentially help to make the company a market leader in the ‘Benefit’ field. Maintain awareness of market and competitor changes taking place Review bonus scheme annually to ensure that it drives the ‘right’ behaviours, rewards performance and is cost effective Employee Engagement Individuals have the skills to work elsewhe re but choose to work here Company v alues Ensure that new starters are aware of the company’s values and what they stand for Identify appropriate opp ortunities to reaff irm compan y values across the Firm e.g. SoN , annual performance review E mployee feedback Carry out exit interviews and feedback to Partners Carry out surveys to measure employee engagement and help identify areas for improvement Using information gained during the annual performance reviews identify what employees value within the company and how the Firm can build on this and areas where improvements could be made Communication Encourage regular communication ( SoN , team briefs etc.) so employees feel involved in the businesses and its future Statement of social responsibility and code of ethics Maintain close relationships with professional bodies governing our work to maintain a culture of high levels of professional practice Train everyone in the Firm’s code of ethics and its philosophy to work within the ‘spirit of the law’ I dentify where employees can work with and help the local community e.g. Open Days, fund raising Ensure the com pany maintains an open culture, encouraging employees to voice any concern s and opportunities for employees to identify improvements including development opportunities (induction, performance reviews, communication) Staff wellbeing Identify a staff wellbeing strategy and action plan Employee relations This company is seen to treats its people fairly and be supportive Manager support Policies and procures in pla ce which help and support managers. HR available to advise and support managers on all areas of the employee handbook and all staff issues Managers are mentored by HR as and when necessary, receive management training and have access to a management reference ‘tool box’ Absence Absence reasons are identified and early intervention (e.g. occupational health) is taken as and when necessary to support individuals, identify any reasonable adjustments and assist a return to work Disciplinary, capability and grievance Support is provided to managers as and when necessary to help resolve issues as quickly as possible and with a satisfactory outcome for the business (e.g. maintaining morale and reducing disruption and lost time) Talent management and succession planning Support managers with their team’s future development and any submission of promotion recommendation paperwork to the Partners Process in place for identifying people with the potential to progress - create a ‘Talent pool’ Ensure the pay structure helps to retain high performers and those identified as having high potential Succession plan Identify potential roles/skills needed for the ‘future’ organisation Identify areas of risk (key roles) to the business and potential successors Development plans for everyone in the ‘talent pool’ – linked to the succession plan Documentation (Policies, procedures and standard documents) The company’s documentation is relevant, appropriate, legally compliant and kept up to date. Employee handbook is up to date and all staff have confirmed that they are aware of the handbook and its contents. HR policies and procedures are legally compliant, up to date, relevant and compatible with one another. Specific policies and procedures have been read by everyone and any queries raised with managers, documented records provide confirmation. Keep up to date with new thinking and legal changes through research (reading material, seminars etc .) New starters receive training on specific HR and compliance policies and procedures and the handbook as part of the induction process Everyone receives training on specific HR and compliance policies and procedures Handbook and HR policies and procedures to be reviewed annually HR standard documents (e.g. offer letter and contract) are legally compliant and protect the business. HR standard documents to be reviewed annually and are available on SharePoint Health and Safety Ensure we are compliant and address areas of risk Risk Assessments Identify areas of risk , prepare risk assessments and recommend any required actions to ensure risks are and remain at an acceptable level Review risk assessments annually Arrange H&S meetings Provide appropriate H&S training to all employees HR metrics (KPI’S) Monitor turnover and set targets e.g. below 15% Record headcount by department and location including FTE Record and report on a bsence (sickness, parental and other). Set targets in line with average sickness rates. Measure performance across teams Measure and monitor staff satisfaction Monitor training and development costs HR Team Management Oversee the general HR function and management responsibilities for HR personnel HR data base Professional exams Open day Benefits – Holidays , pension, flexi etc. This job was originally posted as