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121 Recruitment
London (South)
From £470 to £600 per day PAYE, Ltd or Umbrella Company Engagement
13 Oct 2016
23 Oct 2016
The successful candidate will have the relevant skills and experience specified below for this short term (2 month) temporary contract based in London. Job Description: The security and confidentiality of tenders within their possession throughout the procurement process. Taking part in a Qualitative Benchmarking exercise at the outset of evaluation. Understanding the tender responses. Using their expertise to qualitatively evaluate the proposals against pre-determined criteria (flagging up issues where ambiguities exist within individual proposals). Scoring and weighting proposals against pre-determined mechanisms. Completing relevant sections into an on-line form, including justification for their scores. Contributing to a moderating exercise for the Qualitative Tender Evaluation Panel on completion of evaluation, as required. Completing feedback which is constructive, succinct, relevant and beneficial to suppliers and relates specifically to the evaluation criteria published in the invitation to tender. – Grants scheme advisor Background - The Secretary of State announced that 2018 will be a year to recognise what brilliant engineers we have in the UK and to inspire the next generation of engineers. Ministers have asked that officials explore whether a grants competition would support this ambition, and provide advice on how it might run to enable a competition to be announced in spring 2017. Role purpose: An advisory role, to scope and design a grants programme to support projects that demonstrate they will encourage young people to choose engineering of will change perceptions of engineering. Advice on whether to proceed with the scheme, costs, process, timing and appropriate resource are needed by December. Role profile • Design the grant competition and how it will best work, presenting various options that would support the objectives of the planned scheme against delivery times and costs. • Work with officials to clarify the purpose of the grants, objectives and likely recipients. Help determine and advise on the sums available. Advise on how best to ensure that grants are not simply funding ongoing programmes and target new, scaled up activity or initiatives that will deliver additional value. • Advise on and provide recommendations on the process for running a grant competition; including possibly procuring another organisation to run the competition and how to secure best value in any contracts let, weighing up process/experience of organisation and costs • Provide guidance on all stages of the process, mapping out a project timeline and project plan to take us through to delivery of the awards • Advise on the guidance needed for applicants and ways to consult with stakeholders so that it does its job well, to inform the brief for any external manager of the awards • Advise on the application form to ensure that we are able to strike the best balance between simplicity and gathering all necessary information, to inform the brief for any external manager of the awards • Identify ways to understand the market for the grants so that the team can develop an understanding of the number, quality and type of bids the programme is likely to attract, to inform the brief for any external manager of the awards • Work with the team to develop a commission/brief/procurement for an external agency to run and manage the awards competition. Advise on the size of team and skill set needed to deliver the programme either in-house or via an external agency. • Work with policy contacts across DfT, notably in the skills team, in other Depts, notably BEIS & DfE to ensure this work is based on learnings and complements wider STEM inspiration/policy initiatives across Gvmt. Experience, knowledge and skills needed • Experience of leading the set up and running of a grant competition and recent changes/best practice in this area • Experience of contracting an external organisation to run a grant competition and management of that contract • Ability to advise on how best to secure vfm. • Experience of designing guidance for applicants, an application form and a scoring system for assessing bids. • Experience of securing required analysis and clearances to support the scheme’s development – e.g., Impact Assessments, HMT clearances. • Ability to advise on the capability needed in the team to set up and run different type and size of grant competitions. Experience of recruiting staff into a team. Experience of the skills sector would be an advantage. • Basic security clearance is necessary, so that the post can begin as quickly as possible. Practicalities - It is expected that this would be around 30 days work, which could be done full or part time, with the option of a further 5 days in case of delays seeking Ministerial approval. The role would be managed by a part time member of staff and would sit in the Marketing Team, Communications Directorate, at DfT This role is about providing advice on designing a scheme, which would eventually have to encourage high quality bids, and at this stage is not about working with bidders to advise on their bids nor assessing them). The successful candidate will have a valid Disclosure of Scotland or be willing to apply for one on CV submission. This job was originally posted as

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