KS2 Teacher - Maternity Cover

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Qualified Teacher Salary £26,587 - £36,996 pa (Incl.SEN2) / Unqualifie
14 Oct 2016
19 Oct 2016
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Job Title: KS2 Teacher – Maternity Cover Hours: 32.43 hours per week / term time only Qualified Teacher Salary: £26,587 - £36,996 pa (Incl.SEN2) / Unqualified Teacher Salary: £20,559 - £30,168 pa (Incl.SEN2) Proposed Start Date: 3rd January 2017 We are seeking an experienced Teacher to provide Maternity Cover for a minimum of two terms for our Year 3/4 Class. Maximum class size of 8 pupils and the class is supported by a full time Teaching Assistant. For further information regarding this role please contact Cath Fox, Head of Education on 01986 784235. JOB DESCRIPTION Purpose of the Job To work as part of ‘one team’ at Bramfield House School to facilitate the everyday education and care of young people with SEBD. To plan, organise and deliver the curriculum relevant to key stage and specific subject area/s to best meet pupils’ individual special education needs. To work in a trans-disciplinary capacity to facilitate the ‘One Team’ approach to support and link academic and social/ behavioural progress in line with pupils’ individual learning needs. To practice with a high degree of competence with the aim of reducing barriers to learning and participation in the classroom, leading to all pupils achieving their learning potential. Key Result Areas The Teacher will: Plan, prepare and deliver lessons and learning programmes (short, medium and long-term) based on the National Curriculum, and specific accreditation requirements, with consideration of individual pupils needs as outlined in their Statements of SEN. Maintain stimulating learning environments through engaging teaching strategies and activities; display of pupil work, level descriptors and other materials; and any other in- or out-of-classroom activities that will encourage participation in learning. Maintain relevant records and prepare reports to ensure that the school is able to monitor and manage individual and group progress and achievement in accordance with statutory and accreditation requirements. Set and monitor targets for achievement and behaviour in conjunction with key staff members based on individual pupil needs and potential, and overall progression targets for the school. Ensure all pupils make good progress in line with their individual needs and potential. General Responsibilities The Teacher will: Work proactively and positively with pupils and staff, liaising with colleagues across a multi-disciplinary team to ensure individual pupil needs are met. Effectively deploy, supervise and collaboratively plan and work with Teaching Assistants to optimise pupil behaviour, learning outcomes and progress. Undertake training and continuing professional development to maintain a good knowledge of specific subject areas; teaching and assessment methods; accreditation routes and requirements; curriculum development and guidelines; and special educational needs. Liaise with their year level or subject teams to ensure a moderated and coordinated approach to planning, assessment and pupil progress. Liaise with Team Leader and Care Team members on a daily basis to ensure continuity of pupil support. Ensure efficient and effective use of teaching materials and resources and the proper care and maintenance of equipment and the teaching environment. Be a key point of contact and source of current information about the pupils in a form class and/or specific subject area for parents/carers, annual education reviews and other relevant agencies. Communicate effectively and sensitively with young people, colleagues and parents/carers. Encourage and facilitate student participation in planning, review and decision-making processes relevant to them. Comply with professional codes of practice and standards. Comply with health and safety and other appropriate statutory requirements to ensure the health, safety and well-being of self, staff and pupils. Duties and Accountabilities The Teacher will: Adhere to the policies and procedures that guide practice and fulfil the Statement of Purpose at Bramfield House School. Work collaboratively with colleagues across the school. Ensure that Safeguarding, Child Protection and confidentiality legislation is adhered to. Ensure that a broad and balanced National Curriculum is observed and demonstrated in practice. Adhere to guidance outlined in the Employment Handbook. Perform particular duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Deputy Headteacher or SLT. Planning, Teaching and Learning Prepare and submit (electronically) short, medium and long-term planning in the required format to the Deputy Headteacher by set deadlines. Plan, prepare and deliver lessons and courses of learning to pupils based on their individual needs as identified in their Statements of SEN; subject requirements and accrediting body regulations to ensure all pupils are able to access learning and achieve to their potential. Take responsibility to subject area to fulfil accreditation body regulations and requirements in own subject area with regard to examinations entry deadlines, specification details and Access arrangements. Maintain a stimulating and well-presented learning environment in class and other areas of the school through displays, suitable classroom layouts, ordering specific resources and organising and participating in educational visits and experiences outside the school. Set attainment targets and prepare pupils for examinations and other awards including the assessment and recording of achievements, submission of work and supporting evidence. Liaise with allocated Key Workers to set and monitor behaviour and learning targets in class and house environments, and record these on the pupil’s Multi-element Plan (MEP). Update MEP’s on a termly basis with Key Workers and contribute to other pupil plans including Risk Management Plans. Access and contribute to action plans and ‘SMART’ targets established in Annual Education Reviews to inform specific education strategies for individual pupils. Assessment and Reporting Assess, record, monitor and report on progress and attainment of pupils using Classroom Monitor to support the accurate reporting of progress and achievement and to assist the school in record keeping, analysis and monitoring of pupil progress. Assist and advise on the development of programmes relevant to subject expertise, including briefing of colleagues; teaching methods; ordering of materials and study aids; and assessment arrangements, including Access Arrangements for pupils where required. Complete Progress Reports on a termly basis with Key Workers to track pupil progress in social, emotional and learning conduct. Complete education reports for pupils twice annually, and contribute to the completion of Annual Review of Statement reports annually. Carry out baseline testing in literacy and numeracy and standardised assessments twice annually and utilise this information in moderation of pupil attainment and completing reports. Meetings and Contacts Communicate, meet with, and consult parents, carers and other agencies concerned with the achievement, health and welfare of the pupils to ensure they are appropriately informed of progress, and involved in case reviews and any matters of concern. Provide or contribute to oral and written assessments, reports, reviews and references relating to individual pupils and groups of pupils as required. Participate in meetings relating to curriculum or administration/organisation of the school, including arrangements for care and support; review, development and management of activities relating to the curriculum; organisation and pastoral functions of the school. Attend Teachers’ meetings once per week after school for up to 90 minutes. Attend Education team and whole-staff meetings as directed by the Deputy Headteacher or SLT. Attend PEP meetings and LAC reviews for LAC pupils as directed by the Deputy Headteacher. Attend Annual Review of Statement meetings as directed by the Deputy Headteacher. Suport/Supervision of Pupils and Personal Conduct Display professional behaviour which provides an appropriate model for pupils and staff. Ensure the effective management of pupil behaviour by the use of de-escalation strategies and positive handling techniques in accordance with school guidelines and policies. Observe the school dress code as outlined in the Employment Handbook. Supervise school break times as directed by the Team Leader running duty to monitor and manage behaviour, ensure health and safety of pupils and provide opportunities for constructive play and recreation activities. Attend assemblies/ ‘Class Lines’, and register the attendance of pupils and supervise pupils as required before, during or after school sessions or to provide cover in the event of staff absences. Support the general progress and well-being of pupils, and provide guidance and support to pupils on educational and social matters, as well as their further education and future careers, including information about sources of expert advice on specific questions. Training and Professional Development The Teacher will: Participate in the school Supervision and Performance Management system that encourages all staff to contribute positively to their professional and personal development through setting and meeting improvement targets; participating in training activities; and supporting the overall aims of the school. Undertake regular training in Child Protection, Safeguarding and Team Teach. Undertake training in First Aid, Medication Handling, Fire Marshall, Food Hygiene and Shallow Water where appropriate. Participate in training during designated training weeks, and at other times, including inset and external training opportunities, as directed by the Deputy Headteacher and SLT. Take responsibility for identifying additional personal training needs that are specific to subject area, in support of pupil needs, and endorse the overall aims of the school. Professional Skills, Knowledge and Understanding The Teacher will demonstrate: Knowledge and understanding of how to employ teaching and learning strategies to challenge barriers in accessing education demonstrated by pupils with SEBD, and to ensure that all pupils progress to their potential. A flexible approach to teaching and learning that accounts for the specific difficulties experienced by SEBD/SEN pupils. An expectation that all pupils can achieve their potential, facilitated by a balance between academic rigour and a creative approach to ensure that all pupils can achieve in an inclusive school environment. A high level of general literacy and numeracy skills, and expertise in a specific subject area. An awareness of and adherence to relevant policies, legislation, government initiatives and codes of practice. A thorough understanding of child and adolescent development and learning (both academic and social/behavioural), and barriers to this development and learning. A sound understanding of special educational needs and how specific needs impact on pupils’ ability to access learning in a classroom environment. A strong understanding of the National Curriculum and other education initiatives, and how these can be applied in the school setting. A strong understanding of Safeguarding requirements and Child Protection procedures. A good understanding of equity for people with disabilities and special educational needs, and of how to operate in a non-discriminatory manner. Skills and knowledge of how to work from a learner-centred perspective and create an inclusive learning environment. Excellent organisational skills with the ability to be prompt, work to achieve deadlines and construct and present accurate, factual and objective written and verbal reports relating to all areas of pupil development. Excellent and effective communication and interpersonal skills, including empathy, awareness of others’ needs, and de-escalation skills, to enable communication to best promote the school’s ‘One Team’ approach, and to ensure pupils’ needs are met. Highly competent use of ICT and other technology to facilitate above responsibilities in pupil-related and work-related communications and activities. Team Work and Collaboration The Teacher will: Work proactively and positively with pupils and staff, liaising with colleagues across a multi-disciplinary ‘One Team’, to ensure individual pupil needs are met. Work as an education; and year-level or subject team member, and identify opportunities for working with colleagues and sharing relevant information and the development of effective practice with them. Attend, participate, and at times, co-ordinate year level meetings, supervision, and relevant multi-agency meetings (e.g. Annual Education Reviews, LAC Reviews, PEP meetings). Other duties and responsibilities The Teacher will: Offer meal time support and supervision if required. Work additional hours to support evening care duties if agreed/required. Make contact with parents/carers and other agencies regarding pupils on a regular basis for form class, and where directed/appropriate. Confidentiality It is expected that all Bramfield House School employees understand the nature of our work is confidential and details about our pupils and their families, associated services, pupil records and activities/incidents at the school should not be divulged to members of the public. If there is a breach of confidentiality, this may result in disciplinary action being taken. This job was originally posted as www.totaljobs.com/job/66892938