The 7 happiest places to work in 2015

Simply Business: Recently ranked the best company to work for by The Sunday Times, the online insurance firm is expanding and scores well for the fun its employees have. The firm – based in Northampton and London – has a ‘culture club’ that organises regular pub trips, film nights, running and exercise classes and a ‘fat club’ where staff go off to visit new restaurants together. It goes further – staff are also allowed to auto delete all emails sent when they’re on holiday and there’s a hot-desking policy that means bosses regularly get to sit next to and understand the concerns of their colleagues.

Virgin Money: We’ve all heard the term ‘blue sky thinking’ but for employees at Virgin Money in Edinburgh that’s something that comes naturally - thanks to the fact the ceiling has a sky scene painted onto it! It’s all geared to helping people be at their most creative and is bound to be nicer to look at when you’re gazing into the distance searching for inspiration.

Super Bowl 50: Are you a fan of American Football? It’s rapidly building in popularity in the UK with regular matches held at Wembley Stadium in London. If you’re one of the growing number of fans you’d probably find the San Francisco Super Bowl 50 offices a pretty happy place to be in 2015. The temporary office is decked out with stadium style seating and sporty wall designs as well as carpet that looks like turf. The operation will be geared to making sure the event’s anniversary celebrations go with a bang in February 2016 so it is bound to be a hive of creative energy this year.

TGI Fridays: The fun-loving food chain sets the tone for its operation by outlawing the word ‘staff’ – anyone who uses it is subject to a forfeit –  and treating employees as ‘family’ with nicknames such as ‘dub-dub’. ‘Auditions’ are used instead of interviews and applicants do a little party piece such as play an instrument or bring in an object to talk about.

Inventionland: Are you at your happiest when you’re at your most creative? You’d probably enjoy working at the exotically titled ‘Inventionland’ in Pittsburgh. This is the base of Davison Design and Development – where designers and artists are encouraged to let their imagination do the talking. It lives up to its name too, with 16 themed sets to work at which include a shipwrecked pirate ship, castle complete with turrets and drawbridge, treehouse and cupcake kitchen. A red carpet leads to a state-of-the art audio, video, and animation studio at the back.

Red Bull: The energy drink’s London base is packed full of features that are bound to make you a happy employee. There’s a slide between floors, a three storey video wall, top views over the West End, table tennis themed meeting room desks and a bar – all in an ultra-modern setting.

Mind Candy: The team behind Moshi Monsters have turned their Shoreditch office in London into an elaborate play den to get into the mindset of their target market. The office features free sweet machines, Astroturf flooring, walls you can colour in and a treehouse style meeting room.

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