Hiring Freelancers - Boosting Sales

You may have thought about using freelancers but not be sure where to start. For SMEs, outsourcing work can make a huge difference to your business - manage large workloads, reduce your fixed costs and run your business more efficiently. All this leaves you time to concentrate on your priorities.

Fifty6, a digital marketing agency in West Sussex, was founded by Jason Dilworth. Fifty6 employ five staff, but they also use freelancers for anything from artwork to lead generation. For Jason and his team, working with freelancers has clear benefits, “The flexibility of using outside staff for simple tasks means that there is less strain on the business during quieter times. It allows us to concentrate on what we’re best at, while allowing specialists in other areas to concentrate on their strengths too.”

So how can you find out which are the best tasks to outsource for you and your business? 

1. Keep an eye on your time. Time trackers like Toggl (https://toggl.com/) or Rescue Time (https://www.rescuetime.com/) are great for keeping an eye on what you spend most of your time on. Knowing where you spend your time can help you work out what the best use of your time is and where it would be good to get a little help. If you find that you are spending an hour a day sorting your admin and another two managing your social media accounts would this be better managed by a freelancer to allow you more time for the important tasks?  

2. Maximise your employees’ skills. Jason has found that asking his employees which tasks they least like doing is a good way to decide what he should outsource. “Those are likely to be the tasks that are best to outsource, you’ll be increasing staff morale by taking them away” he says. “Most likely, that freelancer will do the job better, too!”

3. Rank your tasks. Once you know what you spend your time on it’s time to rank your tasks in terms of their priority; for example you might see strategic planning and meetings with new clients as more valuable than routine tasks like admin, accounting and content writing. By outsourcing that work to a freelancer you free up your time for the higher value jobs. After all, it all needs doing. As Jason says “One main benefit is simply that the time spent by a freelancer is freed up for internal staff to crack on with the more in-depth tasks involved in an agency, like strategy and analysis.”

4. Choose your freelancer. Jobstoday Freelance connects you with quality freelancers and takes the pain out of hiring. By signing up, you’ll be able to reach skilled UK workers who are experts in their fields and can work remotely as and when you need them.

5. Make things clear. When you find the right freelancer for your project it’s important to be clear on what you expect the freelancer to do, and when. This avoids confusion and leaves you both clear to get on with the tasks at hand.

6. Give feedback. It’s important to check the work you receive to make sure you are happy with it and give your freelancer feedback. This will help to iron out any changes you would like for next time and builds a great long term relationship.

Now it’s time to focus on your important tasks and priorities and let your freelancer help your business grow!
Great tasks to outsource are:
Administration – It just makes sense - do you really want to be spending your precious time writing letters or completing data entry?
Accounting and bookkeeping – An outsourced freelancer can cover all your accounting needs without you having to spend any money on overheads.
Copywriting –  Content, content, content - a good blog on your website can make a huge difference to your business. A professional writer can create fresh and relevant content for your blog, website or newsletter, along with eye-catching descriptions for your products and services, and adverts that will make you stand out from the crowd.
Design – Unless you are a design company, likelihood is you’re in need of skilled web or graphic designer on an all too frequent basis. Your online presence is often the first impression potential customers and clients get so it’s important to make sure they are met with a striking, user-friendly website.
Research and lead generation – Keeping up to date with industry and market research can keep your business going in the right direction but you might not want to be spending the time on this yourself. A skilled freelancer can complete this for you and report back with the findings for hassle free results. 
Social media management – If your social media presence is lacking this needs to be a priority. It’s time to build your online following and broaden your reach to the social community. But where are you going to find the time to do this? Leave the strategy, tweets, follows and comments to your freelancer, they’re the expert. 

For more information about outsourcing to freelancers, click here to join us at Jobstoday Freelance and post a project today!


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