How to Advertise a Job – Part 1

Before you can write your job advert, you will need to write your job description and person specification. This is essential material for any job advert. Pinpointing these documents first will essentially mean your job advert has already been written for you.

What to include in a good Job Description

Job title – How will their role be identified within the business. Try to be specific and include elements of what team they will be working within e.g. Digital Marketing Executive.

Working hours and location – How many hours per week they will be contracted to complete, plus where they will be working e.g. office, warehouse, from home. 

Salary and benefits – How much are you willing to pay them to do the job, details of annual leave and if are there any extra benefits available e.g. a bonus.

Grade of the job if applicable – If you different levels of the same team, it’s important to specify which team grade they will be working in. E.g. Grade 4 Forensics

Reporting line – who they will report to and whether they will have anyone reporting into them.

Main purpose of the job – What is the focus of their job, and what will they be targeted on. This will become the main driver for applicants to the role.

Main duties and responsibilities – There may be other areas of the business delegated to them, but that do not form their primary goals and objectives.

Any special licences or checks required e.g. CRB – If they need a personal licence or they need to complete a CRB check this will need to be detailed.

What to include for the Person Specification

Knowledge – what knowledge and experience you will expect them to have, e.g. 2 years web design.

Skills – What skills are useful to you and the business, e.g. problem solving, creative thinking, networking. 

Qualifications – What professional or academic qualifications are needed.

Abilities – The here and now, what do they need to be able to do e.g. Drive a car.

Aptitudes – Not often seen within a person specification but can be useful for some jobs. This aims to describe how the potential employee might be incluned to think about things. E.g. a linguistic brain would be inclined ti be a very good story teller; wheras a logical brain would much more likely be inclined to work with data and science. These are fifferent qualities to creative thinking and problem solving. Being a good problem solver comes as a direct result of having a logical brain. 

It’s important also to state whether the above qualities are required or desirable. Usually employers will list a required list and a desirable list separately to make it quicker for potential candidates scanning the advert.

Now that you have your essential starting points you can go ahead and write your job advert. 

Now that you have your essential starting points you can go ahead and write your job advert. We’ll be sharing our tips in the next post, or if you’re already ready to start advertising click here to post your job online

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