What do you need to be a... Climbing Instructor!

In this mini-blog series we are going to be looking at what it takes to land that job. Whether it is an accountant, journalist, wing-suit stuntman or mountain guide - we want you to spread your wings and fly to your next job adventure!

This week we are going to look at how to be a climbing instructor. Climbing has taken off in recent years with many schools now being equipped with some kind of climbing wall. More and more children and adults are becoming exposed to this sport and wishing to learn how, plus the trend of enjoying the outdoors continues to grow at a fast rate.

If you are looking to leave the office behind and jump into teaching others to climb, indoors or outdoors, then you'll need to complete the following first:

• Start climbing! You will need a minimum of 6 months climbing experience, ideally 1 year; to even think about doing a climbing course so just get to your closest climbing gym and start!

• Register with the British Mountaineering Council - all qualifications must be accredited to the BMc so you will need to be a member of this body first, plus you will then be insured as an individual under the BMC scheme.

• Register with Mountain Training. The UK training body that manages all climbing and mountain leader qualifications. Through their online portal you will be able to log climbing hours and courses taken. You can also speak to them to ask questions on specific courses and what you need to do.

Try and meet other individuals at the climbing wall and try to get outside and climb. There’s nothing that beats climbing on real rock.

Teaching others to climb is a great skill to have and is transferrable across all climbing walls and outdoor crags worldwide - so if you qualify in the UK, you could be working in Canada for you first job if you wanted to! 

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