How to hire your first freelancer

If you have never used a freelancer before you may wonder what use you have for them and how to find one. Freelancers are a fantastic resource for small to big businesses looking to achieve a project without the long term cost of employing staff.

How does it work? How do I find the right freelancer for me? This new way of working is growing fast and really does make sense. We’ve jotted down a few tips on how to get the best out of this relationship.

The project brief
Spending time on the project brief is worthwhile, think about what you really need and why, so that potential freelance applicants can easily see the goal you’re aiming for.  Give a full description of the project, adding background on your business as well as clear ideas, deliverables, time frames and the skills needed. Be realistic – sensible pay rates and timescales will attract quality talent with the skills to deliver professional work. Remember a freelancer will only have the information you give them to go on; so providing a complete brief will ensure higher quality applications, appropriate bids and set the right expectations for the project. 

How to choose the right freelancer for you
With each application that you receive you can view the freelancer’s skills, experience and why they think they are the best person for your project. Review of all this information and remember there’s nothing stopping you asking further questions or even arranging an interview before you make your final choice – it’s your project so make sure you recruit right.

Start off small
If you’re not sure you want to commit to a long project right away why not try a freelancer for a short term project (maybe a couple of hours) first. This way you can get a better idea of their skills and how they work before taking them on for a larger or longer term project.

Communication is everything
Good communication is the key to keeping the project on track, especially if you’re working with a freelancer for the first time. Make sure you’re both clear on all elements of the brief and that your instructions will minimise confusion and ensure you get the right results. The more informed your freelancer is about the project and your business, the better the outcome. It’s important to agree on how you will communicate with your freelancer and to find out when you will both be available to do so. Replying promptly to your freelancer’s questions will help things run smoothly and swiftly. We all know that what’s needed for a project can sometimes change slightly while a project is running – if this happens, just make sure that any changes are agreed and communicated fully so that both your team and your freelancer know exactly what is expected.

Stay organised
Keep on top of your freelancer’s projects and invoices. Nobody likes having to chase up payments and it keeps up a good relationship for future work.

Rate your freelancer!
Everyone loves to hear how they’ve done and spending a few minutes giving feedback and rating your freelancer is always appreciated. Honest and constructive feedback is really useful for both clients and freelancers, and will help your freelancer secure additional work.

So if you’ve got a project in mind and need to find the right freelancer for the job, Jobstoday Freelance is here to help. With our UK Customer Support team available for any questions, it really couldn’t be simpler. Try posting a project today!


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