Why you should always be a Jobseeker

Hopefully we are all in the job that we love, on the right salary for our skills and being pushed to excel by our employer.  To keep on track with the big three; motivation, salary, learning, we need to make sure we keep an eye on the jobs in our marketplace.

Making sure you're up to date with recent job posts advertising a similar role to your own means that you will be in the know on what benefits other employers are willing to offer for someone like you.

This doesn't mean that you're going to jump ship anytime soon, but armed with this information you will have a better stand point when trying to get a pay increase or restructuring your responsibilities in your end of year review.

If you don't get the answers that you want, at least you will be safe in the knowledge that your skills are wanted elsewhere, in return for more of the benefits that you deserve.

Stay in the loop.

Make sure your profile is updated at least quarterly on LinkedIn with new skills and projects; you might get headhunted by one of the many recruitment agencies sourcing candidates from this B2B social giant.

Following your ideal employers on Twitter is a good way to keep updated with their business activity; and also if they post any jobs on their social network it’s likely to be on Twitter.

You can also register for job alerts on jobsites. Sign up for the Jobstoday job alerts here

If you know more people outside of your company who work within your industry then make sure to check in with them now and again, get out for a social drink and some banter around what they are all working on. You never know, they might be looking for an extra pair of hands for that next big business project.


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