New Year, New You

January is the perfect time to have a clear out, organise your home and mind, and think about where you want to be in your career. It's either that or the gym, and at least we can have a cuppa and some biscuits while we set some life goals.

Where is your current career taking you? What are you getting from your current employer? If the answers to these are ‘nowhere’ and ‘not much’, then read on future jobseeker.

First things first, let's think about where you want to be celebrating New Year 2017. It’s a bit more fun than thinking about your 3 & 5 year plan. Do you want to be where you are now or somewhere else? Maybe you want to be abroad somewhere? Think about where you want to end up and then start your steps to get there. Here are our 5 top tips:

1. Choose your goals for 2016/17 
Be realistic, but don't set easy-to-achieve goals. You need goals to spark your imagination and fire your motivation. Setting a goal to update your CV is not the same as setting a goal to start a new apprenticeship in New Zealand by the end of the year.

2. Is your CV up-to-date and online?
Make it easy for prospective employers to find and contact you online. If you want to work abroad, make sure to submit your CV to international agencies and job sites. Be clear on your notice time, and how easily you could relocate. If you would need support to relocate to another country, be honest about this - for the right candidate a business would be happy to set you up until you get on your feet.

3. Edit your social profile 
This means making sure your digital business card, i.e. your social profile, is presentable to prospective employers. What is your profile picture like? What content are you sharing? Make sure that those who come to find your digital self, like what they see. Make sure you’re on the right networks so that employers can find you more easily. Whether you you are actively looking for a new job or not; LinkedIn and Twitter are great for showing your professional side to prospective employers.

4. Understand the process
Think about the recruitment process for your industry and try to find out how other jobseekers are going through the application process. Does your CV need a little more flair put into it for a design job; would you be better creating a video of yourself to support your application? In some industries, simply submitting a CV may not be enough to stand out.

5. Build your own brand 
Businesses want to recruit influencers and early adopters.  These are people with their own ideas on life, who are not afraid to share them - still keeping within the company’s brand guidelines of course. Social media provides all of us with the opportunity to build our own following, share the passion we have for the industry and develop key contacts. Your prospective employer might even rank this aspect of your CV higher than your degree (dependent on the role) so take this into account.

The recruitment landscape for jobseekers and employers is constantly evolving in the digital age. Employers know that jobseekers and employees have a vast digital database online enabling them to find the job that they want. Go after what you want and do not lose that New Year spirit!

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