Overcoming common issues when advertising new vacancies

Jobstoday is aware that recruitment advertising is not a case of “one size fits all.” That’s why we provide a range of online advertising tools that overcome the issues encountered by many businesses when recruiting for new staff.

“I need to reach more relevant, local candidates through my advertising”

Take out a vacancy listing on Jobstoday and your role will appear in relevant search results making sure it’s seen by appropriate candidates.  We also offer HTML emails that target candidates based on specific criteria to make sure your vacancy is delivered straight to their inbox.

“I need my company to stand out above our competitors”

We can produce digital banner adverts to promote your vacancy, company or recruitment message that are shown across our network and showcase your brand prominently.

“Jobseekers often overlook my company as a top employer”

Our branded advertising solutions, Job of the Day and Featured Employer, promote your company further and put you in the spotlight. There is also the opportunity to sponsor our Jobs By Email to help drive candidates to your vacancy who may not have considered employment with your company before.

“I don’t have a lot of time and want a quick way to narrow down applications”

By using our Instant Interviewer, applicants will have undergone a comprehensive screening by completing an online questionnaire, the results of which will be summarised to you with their CV and covering letter.

“I only want to hand pick and contact candidates that match all our requirements”

We can give you access to our database of more than 700,000 CVs as a quick and easy way to control and manage the recruitment process. You can also send emails to relevant jobseekers that match the key criteria of your role.

Mike Midgley of 360 Automotive recently took out a recruitment campaign with Jobstoday and was very pleased with the results: “The Jobstoday team’s service delivery was very impressive. It was quick and easy to implement, over achieving on our recent recruitment campaign. The response to the advertised positions was both quick and high in volume from interested applicants, resulting in our positions being filled within the first four week.”


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