Shared Office Space - Reboot How You Work

For the lone entrepreneur, business life can be just that. Lonely. Days of hard graft sat in a café somewhere, trying to suck up free WIFI for your next hangout and racing to get that seat next to the plug socket to keep your laptop juiced all day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to the office?

You started to work for yourself because you wanted to make the decisions not because you wanted to talk to your kitchen wall 6 days a week or be best friends with Lexie at the local coffee shop. We’re sure you’ve had fantastic brainstorming sessions with your cat or dog, but Tibbs can’t point out to you where you might be losing focus in your product messaging. If he can we’ve got a job for Tibbs here, he can start on Monday; all the biscuits he can eat.

A revolution has been coming and it is now here in its full throws for all generations to take advantage of. We want to tell you about the people bringing to you the best space available to use in the 21st Century. You’ll feel like you’re in the 26th Century after stepping into one of these office blocks. Whether you’re big or small, we think they've all got something for you.

The dinosaur way of renting professional real estate needed a reboot. No longer do you need to wait years and years to be able to afford your own bit of professional office space. And these offices are not just for the lone business warrior, but also small start-ups needing a few rooms and global corporations looking to expand overseas. There is space for everyone, isn’t it marvellous!

We’ve looked at the top players in this growing industry and checked out their offering so you don’t have to. But we think you’ll want to.


Founded by Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann, this now $10bn ‘start-up’ is expanding at a rapid rate. From its first London office space opening in 2014, and now offering 20 locations to choose from in the capital this is a workspace keen to serve its community. With 106 locations worldwide, for around $45 dollars each month you are member to them all. We have visited the WeWork office space in Moorgate, and can confirm the hipster creative hard working vibe is strong. Greeted at the front desk there was no book to sign and visitor badges to wear, we were then asked if we wanted to grab a free coffee from one of the many cafés all offering delicious rolls and pastries for breakfast.


This had already blown our north of London minds on how offices could and should work. Arriving on the floor with the people we had come to visit we spotted the free bar, open plan seating area and booths, and all of the private offices and meeting rooms equipped with the full suite of tech gadgets. All different sizes, equipped with what they needed buzzing with new deal excitement.

The Office Group (TOG)

Funded by Lloyd Dorfman of Travelex and Doddle fame, and run by Charlie and Olly. TOG is a work space provider with social responsibility and greener working at their core efforts.  If you’d like an address at The Shard, then this is the pace to go. Equally they have refurbished a number of disused office spaces at 7 main train stations in London as part of an agreement with Network Rail. Making the old beautiful again and filling buildings site for demolitions with the creative sparks of tomorrow. We have also had the pleasure of visiting their shared offices at The Shard. Feeling like a tourist we entered the building giddy with excitement of working in there for the day.

TOG The Sahrd office space

Passing through security it was just a zip up in the double decker lifts to get to our floor. Again a free bar filled with sugary soft drinks and all the coffee and Tea Pig tea you could drink, plus chocolate and snack bars. If we worked in here every day they might need to start adding gyms to these work spaces.


While WeWork and TOG run their own space and offer it for use, our next entry offers a fantastic option for businesses and building owners to do the same through an online platform similar to booking a hotel room.

For as little as £90pcm you can have a hot desk at Cooks Yard, Whitechapel. Perfect for those wanting to stay close to Shoreditch and Brick lane, but still only 20mins from London Bridge. We’ve not used ShareDesk ourselves but from what we can see it might potentially offer a more communal way of working than WeWork and TOG – with much smaller spaces, you will likely get to know the owners of the buildings themselves and really make a connection with your temporary co-workers.

Whichever space you choose to use, your local café, The Shard or a hot desk in Dalston it’s an exciting time to have for all of us to have these options to work where we feel comfortable and at our most productive and creative.

We’re joining the work space revolution. If you need to recruit some staff to go with you to your new office space click here

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