Why Your Small Business Should Be Blogging

The advantage of having regular blog posts in any small business’ marketing strategy are plenty. Whether you blog several times a week or much less often depends on how much engagement you want back. What type of business you have can make a difference too.

Companies that blog regularly are much more likely to gain frequent customers from this route but if 2-3 posts a week feels too much give a weekly blog post a try to begin. The next thing is time - how do you factor this new work in? Some companies use guest blog posts from colleagues or outsource their blogging to a professional freelancer. 

We’ve put together 6 ways that keeping a regular blog can help build traffic and build your business:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Keeping Google happy can be tricky but posting new, regular content will make sure you are kept in a good position in the rankings. Interacting with other people’s content, writing guest posts and using video content is also great for SEO. It’s easy to forget that YouTube has overtaken Bing and Yahoo making it second only to Google on the search engine so it’s important to add it’s use into your strategy.

Building your presence comes with frequent posting so although you need to be realistic about your goals, it doesn’t just have to be you making sure these goals are met, you can’t do everything. 

2. Strengthens business relationships and attracts new clients
Blogging is a much softer way of reaching your audience than more typical forms of marketing, it encourages interaction in a different way. Blogging is an opportunity to kick the traditional methods of marketing out of the way and give a more authentic and honest image to your readers, building rapport and trust.

Remember you can learn from your customers too - use feedback to your advantage and give quick responses. 

3. Market research
Google Analytics is a great way to track which of your posts are most popular. See what content your readers are sharing and pick out the keywords you should be using. Just like social media, blogging can be really useful as a research tool and a great way of getting feedback. Save money on focus groups and get honest feedback quickly to steer you in the right direction for your customers.

4. Become a thought leader
As we’ve already mentioned, regularly posting blogs is key but making that content useful and informative will go a long way to increasing your follower base and gaining authority and trust in your field. Anyone who comes across your blog by chance will be more likely to keep reading if they’re reading interesting and helpful content.

No one wants to be too outspoken when blogging but it is important to show a personality and give a human insight into your thoughts and opinions. Influence and work with others through your blog and make it the best place to go to find out the answer to the key questions in your industry. Becoming an information source is a sure way of winning repeat business and getting you noticed.

5. Builds a community
Mixing up how you deliver your content is a good idea and keeps your audience entertained, using images and video content keeps it fresh and makes your blog all the more likely to be shared. The Facebook comment plug-in is great for making sure they are visible on the website as well as on social media. 

Think creatively when it comes to engaging customers, use competitions, guest posts, reader stories, and remember to make the content you produce or any content you share useful.  

6. Keeps you focused on your goals
Everyone loves new ways to keep focused especially with the ever evolving world of social media. Sometimes it can feel like you are missing all the relevant “National Days” and only catch up in time for “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”! A great way to keep on top of this is to create a content calendar for the year. That was you can be alerted in advance of key trends/events in your industry and plan ahead for how you will mark them. This can help you keep a focus on your position in the wider business world and which direction you want your business to go in. 

Blogging brings another level to your communication and gives you a great opportunity to build your brand and your personality. Be honest, be interesting, don’t get too complicated and watch as new customers are brought in through the power of the blog.
If you’re looking for support with creating a business blog or increasing your post frequency Jobstoday Freelance can connect you with professional copywriters who can spruce up your blog or create a new one for you.


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