Where to Advertise a Job - The Perfect Recruitment Mix

These days, finding the best candidate for your job opening often means more than just posting a traditional job advert.

With so many advertising channels available to recruiters today, and candidates using everything from emails to tweets to look for that perfect job - are you using the right mix for your business?

In a bygone age we would wait for the weekly job section in the newspaper to come out, many of us still do; but there are now so many more ways we 'shop' for jobs. 'Where to advertise a job?' more best effect is a question often asked by recruiters today.

We've looked at the top 5 ways in which people find the role that they're looking for in today's jobs market:

1. Online jobseeker websites - with more than 61,000 jobs listed on Jobstoday alone, online job searching is as easy as tweeting what you've had for breakfast. Active jobseekers can refine their search online within minutes to find the jobs most suited to them. Within a few clicks, they have uploaded their CV, attached a perfectly composed cover letter and hit send. With the option of being able to save their CV to a job site, this allows them to search for jobs anytime, anywhere on their mobile device.

Passive jobseekers also benefit as it allows them to upload their CV across multiple job sites and 'go fishing' for whatever might come their way. They might not be actively looking to move roles, but they're still keen to know what is out there for them in the market.

2. Print advertising - Candidates are continuing to look in newspapers and magazines for jobs. Particularly for local jobs, many still reach for their local paper. For others who are not able to get online, the job adverts in printed media provide a lifeline to progress in their career.

3. Referrals - The Holy Grail for employers everywhere. If you can find your ideal candidate in this way then you've avoided the agency fees and the advertising costs. Rather than using this method on its own many businesses add it into the recruitment mix.

Some also offer a small bonus to employees who refer a candidate who is subsequently employed and remains with the business for a set period of time.

4. The Recruitment Agency - Typically the channel that every employer reaches for first. Someone to represent your business, do the groundwork for you and screen potential candidates to find you the cream of the crop. Many jobseekers will register with more than one agency, and many passive jobseekers will be happy to be headhunted for the right position.

You are paying the agency for their contacts and their engaging phone personality. Just make sure you've briefed them well and they should do you proud.

5. Social Media - Posting jobs on social media has become more and more popular since the start of 2015. It's free and you can post as many times as you like. With most people now having some kind of digital social presence there is a huge audience to target.

And 'target' is the word to observe here. Yes, you can tweet or post to your followers, but is your ideal candidate following you? You can even setup some paid social media advertising to further refine and expand the audience of your job listing - but then you are back to paying a fee again.

Social accounts make for a great free tool in the recruitment world but should not be the only media you use to find your next employee.

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