• Enjoying and being enthusiastic about weddings is a great starting point for becoming a wedding planner, but the delivery of the dream day itself is only a tiny fraction of what’s involved. 
  • Are you looking to become an apprentice? Join the ranks and find your future employer with National Apprentice Week!
  • Choosing a career path is tough for any young person. But taking the plunge and selecting the direction you want your life to go in is merely the start. You may know your chosen destination but which route should you take?
  • The fight is on to forge a stronger relationship between the British public and apprenticeships. The tide is certainly turning – with more than two million new apprenticeships since 2010 in the UK – but there’s still much to be learned.
  • If you have made the decision that a university education is not for you, but are torn between entering the world of employment and continuing to learn in some capacity, then an Apprenticeship could be perfect.