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Invest In Yourself This Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us. Here are some top tips to make sure you’re getting the most from your hard-earned money!

It appears that everywhere you look, retailers are offering extreme discounts on sought-after goods and services for an entire week, jam-packed with sales and reductions. According to the BBC, Britons are set to spend an estimated £2Bn on Friday alone.

This year, instead of exhausting your paycheck on unnecessary electronic gizmos that will provide 2-months worth of entertainment, why not invest in yourself? Set yourself a small goal, or a stepping-stone towards a larger goal.

You probably set a New Year’s Resolution and only saw it out to February time – if you were one of the committed individuals. Now is the time to reflect on the year as a whole, figure out what worked for you and learn from your mistakes, be it career related or personal. A good course of action is writing down a list of your accomplishment and failures this year and a roadmap to give you some direction for the upcoming year. That being said, don’t write-off 2017 just yet, come up with a small goal to accomplish by year-end. Take smalls steps, each and every day to achieve your ultimate goal.

How to set a goal?

The first step to setting a goal is writing it down and committing yourself to it. Tell your mentor, friends or family, and hold yourself accountable for seeing out the completion of this goal. Ask them for their perspective, but more importantly, ask yourself why you are looking to achieve this goal.

Set a SMART goal: SMART is a mnemonic for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. It’s beneficial to say that you want to become a Digital Marketer, but a more effective goal would be, ‘To have learned how to create and run social media ad campaigns by March 2018’. By setting a SMART goal, you have a much more realistic and concrete vision of your destination and what hurdles you will have to jump to reach it.

The tools you need

Even if you don’t have grandiose goals of learning HTML or becoming a Massage Therapist, you can still get a leg-up on the competition by learning some key career or personal skills, including excel skills, communication skills or even mindfulness. You can finally empower yourself with the best tools to turn your passion into a career.

Online Education is the perfect tool to help you achieve this goal, providing you with the skills or knowledge you require and a community to help foster your growth – all at a fraction of the cost of a classroom course or a brand-new electronic gadget. With a wide-range of courses out there, there is something for every individual and every niche in the market.

OfCourse Learning’s online courses are led by verified industry experts and are delivered in an easy to follow, video format. It offers lifetime access and the ability to learn at your own pace on any device. You will be able to talk to students and teachers about the course, further helping you fulfil your learning goals. Upon completion, you will receive a course certificate from a recognised educational institution, as a record of your achievement.

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