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5 great reasons to study for a course online

Studying for an online course can be a liberating experience. It pushes and challenges your academic skills and encourages you to learn new things and broaden your horizons. It can also lead to a valuable qualification that can help you to stand out from the crowd in the competitive jobs market.

Here are five great reasons to think digital when it comes to learning online …

Best of the world

The internet knows no geographical boundaries and that is great news when it comes to study. You can tap into the best teaching and insight from across the globe when studying online – and all without the need to dust off your passport. This might well open up a wealth of opportunities on courses that simply wouldn’t be possible when considering attending classes in person.

Career not on ice

Online courses’ greatest strength is their sheer flexibility and that’s great for people who want to study while holding down a job. Not everyone wants to – or can afford to – put their career on hold to study. By heading online you can choose to vary the length and format so that it slots into your calendar around your work commitments.

Save money

This brings us to another major benefit: money. Depending on where you live, the cost of travel to and from a course venue, or childcare while you are away from the home, all adds up. Avoiding that will mean that you are financially better off by staying online.


Online study is perfect for people looking to take practical courses that boost their career credentials in their current line of work. Think how good it would be, for example, to step out of the virtual classroom and try out a theory or new practice in the real life realm of work. You can speak with your managers and more experienced colleagues to get their insight into any assignments you may be asked to write while they, in turn, should be interested to hear the latest new theories and practices and be enthused by your ability to adopt them in the workplace.

Age and circumstances

It can be fairly daunting to study later in life. Not everyone is comfortable with being the elder statesman in the class while young people in their early 20s surround them. Studying online means that you’ll be in the comfort of your own home and can sidestep any awkward situations. That can also be great for older students who may have other commitments - such as a young family to look after - and need to fit their studies around a busy home life.