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Stand out: The benefits of further education and qualifications

When it comes to your career you have to take responsibility for yourself. Forget any shyness or embarrassment, you need to sell yourself and do everything you can to make yourself a better asset for a would-be employer.

That’s true whether you are looking for a job or even in work and looking to rise up the ladder. You won’t get noticed or handed opportunities if you stand still and call time on learning.

That’s where further education and qualifications come in. This is the way of adding to your repertoire of skills and can benefit you in three key ways.

Train for a job

Some jobs require you to have met a certain standard of training before you can even get a foot in the door and this forms the most obvious way in which further education courses can help you.

If there’s a job that you want, the first thing you should do is look at the entry requirements. It’s unlikely that your application will survive a first glance if you don’t meet these.

Whether it’s going back to top up GCSE and A-levels that you never quite got at school or specific vocational training, further education courses will get you up to speed and help to get you ready to apply.

Train for a CV

Further education isn’t just a matter-of-fact process of fulfilling entry requirements, though. Adding to your CV can help to make you a more well rounded candidate.

Entry requirements are one thing, but meeting those will only merit a further look at your CV. That’s when you really need to impress a recruiter. Your qualifications aren’t the only thing, of course, but they are your credentials – a black and white way of proving your quality.

This can mean undertaking a course that is relevant to your industry as a whole, for example, showing that you have a keen interest in a job that goes far deeper than just a way to earn money. Those already in a job but looking to move up the ladder might find that taking on a course – especially in an era of online, distance learning – is the perfect way to prove their ambitions.

Train for your personal development

Further education and qualifications can help you to get a specific job or to get ahead within an industry, but they can also be beneficial beyond that too.

Each of us needs a challenge, either to test our skills and knowledge or to further this, otherwise we risk becoming stale and wasting our talents.

Studying for a new qualification can be just the challenge you need to find motivation in life. Always wish you’d taken history? Disappointed that you never picked up a language? These are ideal further education courses to take. They will, of course, have all of the practical benefits of the sort of qualifications mentioned above – and can be just as eye-catching on your CV – but with the added bonus of your own personal enrichment.

So, whether it’s a requirement of a specific job, a boost to your CV or simply a challenge to add to your own learning – further education courses and qualifications are the way to achieve success.