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Many jobs in food safety require a food safety certificate. This is gained from doing some basic training on food handling and how to keep food preparation surfaces hygienic. The assessment is a 45 minute online one and needs to be refreshed every three years.

The certificate will allow anyone taking the course to know how to handle food safely; They will learn safe behaviour and how to keep themselves and the area they work in clean. They will understand about contamination and good safety. They will learn about different cleaning methods as well as pest control. They will also find out about how to keep food safe from hazards and form spoiling as well as how to cook, transport and handle food safely with attention paid to temperature. Lastly stock control is taught as the final part of the food safety training UK. It is easy to think that it might just be a level 2 food safety certificate for catering but actually there are many occupations that will need it.

Therefore you can use it as a food safety training for manufacturing, schools, food handlers, restaurants, managers, maintenance workers, engineers, waiters, butchers, carers and other staff and employees. The certificate is an important one for people working in the service industry. Anyone that deals with food whether they are working in a kitchen, care home or are serving food, will need to have one. If the facilities are inspected then it will be important for all members of staff that are involved with anything to do with food to have a food safety training certificate and understand all of the safety procedures. It is simple to get the food safety training and studying online makes it very easy and quick.

Completing the level 2 food safety training online, means that you can do it whenever you wish. You do not have to attend college at a particular time in order to be assessed. Therefore eliminating the need to go to food safety training course. This means that as soon as you feel ready to do the qualification you can do it. It is easier for both workers and employers to complete the learning in this way. The course is a great way for companies to administer food safety training for staff without having to lose out on time and money. It is a great way to sort out the renewal of a food safety certificate as well as it is very simple to do. It is easy to get the food safety certificate qualification doing the test online at a virtual college. It is the same qualification you would get at a normal training centre but just much more convenient.

It is worth checking out your staffs food safety certificate level 2 expiry as they should not run out. They could easily renew doing one of the online food safety training programs and they will end up with their food safety training certificate very quickly. Level 2 1 Credit Value  


1. Understand how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety 1.1 Outline the importance of food safety procedures, risk assessment, safe food handling and behaviour 1.2 Describe how to report food safety hazards. 1.3 Outline the legal responsibilities of food handlers and food business operators 2. Understand the importance of keeping him/herself clean and hygienic 2.1 Explain the importance of personal hygiene in food safety including its role in reducing the risk of contamination 2.2 Describe effective personal hygiene practices, for example, protective clothing, hand washing, personal illnesses, cuts and wounds 3. Understand the importance of keeping the work areas clean and hygienic 3.1 Explain how to keep the work area and equipment clean and tidy to include cleaning and disinfection methods, safe use and storage of cleaning chemicals and materials, and waste disposal 3.2 State how work flow, work surfaces and equipment can reduce contamination risks and aid cleaning 3.3 Outline the importance of pest control 4. Understand the importance of keeping food safe 4.1 State the sources and risks to food safety from contamination and cross contamination to include microbial, chemical, physical and allergenic hazards. 4.2 Explain how to deal with food spoilage including recognition, reporting and disposal 4.3 Describe safe food handling practices and procedures for storing, preparing, cooking, chilling, reheating, holding, serving and transporting food 4.4 Explain the importance of temperature controls when storing, preparing, cooking, chilling, reheating, holding, serving and transporting food 4.5 Describe stock control procedures including deliveries, storage, date marking and stock rotation 


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