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This course in particular provides the training that can help you prepare for the Microsoft Specialist Exam 70-409: Server Virtualisation with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center. The Microsoft certification path, exam, and course can will prove your ability to deploy and manage a Microsoft Server Virtualisation infrastructure in an enterprise environment. You also find out how to configure, manage, and maintain Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager, including networking and storage services. Plus, you learn how to configure key Microsoft Server virtualization features, such as Generation 2 Virtual Machines, Replication Extension, Online Export, Cross-Version Live Migration, Online VHDX Resizing, and Live Migration Performance tuning, in addition to Dynamic Virtual Switch Load Balancing and virtual Receive Side Scaling (vRSS).


Module 1 Understanding Microsoft Applications

1.1 Introduction To Exam 74­409

1.2 Introduction To Microsoft Virtualisation­ Part 1

1.3 Introduction To Microsoft Virtualisation ­Part 2

1.4 Introduction To System Centre 2012 R2 Components

1.5 Evaluate The Existing Environment For Virtualisation

1.6 Module 1Review Questions

Module 2 Installing And Configuring The Hyper­V Role

2.1 Install The Hyper­V Role

2.2 Manage Hyper­V

2.3 Configure Hyper­V Settings

2.4 Introduction To Hyper­V Host Storage And Networking

2.5 Module 2 Review Questions

2.6 InstallingHyper­V Demo

Module 3 Creating And Managing Virtual Hard Disks, Virtual Machines, And Virtual Machine Checkpoints

3.1 Create And Configure Virtual Hard Disks

3.2 Create And Configure Virtual Machines

3.3 Install And Import Virtual Machines

3.4 Manage Virtual Machine Check points

3.5 Monitor Hyper­V

3.6 Design Virtual Machines For Server Roles/Services

3.7 Module 3 Review Questions

3.8 Creating A Virtual Machine Demo

Module 4 Producing And Configuring Virtual Machine Networks

4.1 Generate And Utilise Hyper­V Virtual Switches ­Part 1

4.2 Generate And Utilise Hyper­V Virtual Switches­ Part 2

4.3 Introduction To Advanced Hyper­V Networking Features

4.4 Configure And Utilize Hyper­V Network Vizulisation

4.5 Module 4 Review Questions

4.6 Controlling The VM Demo

Module 5 Virtual Machine Movement And Hyper­V Replicas

5.1 DeliverHighAvailabilityAndRedundancyForVirtualization

5.2 ImplementVirtualMachineMovement

5.3 ImplementAndManageHyper­VReplica

5.4 Module5ReviewQuestions

Module 6 Implementing Failover Clustering Using Hyper­V

6.1 Introduction To Failover Clustering ­Part1

6.2 Introduction To Failover Clustering ­Part2

6.3 Configure And Utilize Shared Storage

6.4 Implement And Manage Failover Clustering Using Hyper­V

6.5 Module 6 Review Questions

6.6 Exploring Clustering Demo

Module 7 Installing And Configuring Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

7.1 Integrated System Center And Server Virtualisation

7.2 Virtual Machine Manager

7.3 Install VMM And Add Hosts And Manage Host Groups

7.4 Module 7 Review Questions

7.5 Exploring SCVMM

Module 8 Managing The Network And Storage Infrastructure In Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

8.1 Managing Networking Infrastructure

8.2 Managing Storage Infrastructure And Infrastructure Updates

8.3 Module 8 Review Questions

Module 9 Creating And Managing Virtual Machines Using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2Virtual Machine Manager

9.1 Introduction To Virtual Machine Management Tasks In VMM

9.2 Create Clone And Convert Virtual Machines

9.3 Introduction To Virtual Machine Updating

9.4 Module 9 Review Questions

Module 10 Configuring And Managing The Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual

Machine Manager Library

10.1 IntroductionToTheVirtualMachineManagerLibrary

10.2 WorkingWithProfilesAndTemplates

10.3 Module10ReviewQuestions

Module 11 Managing Clouds In Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

11.1 Introduction To Clouds

11.2 Produce And Manage A Cloud And User Role Utilisation In VMM

Module 12 Managing Services In Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager And Application Controller

12.1 Managing Service In MSC 2012 R2 VMM And Application Controller

12.2 Module 12 Review Questions

Module 13 Protecting And Monitoring Virtualization Infrastructure

13.1 IntroductionToBackupAndRestoreOptionsForVirutalMachines

13.2 ProtectingVirtualizationInfrastructureByUsingDPM­Part1

13.3 ProtectingVirtualizationInfrastructureByUsingDPM­Part2

13.4 UtilizeOperationsManagerForMonitoringAndReporting

13.5 IntegrateVMMWithOperationsManager

13.6 Module13ReviewQuestions

13.7 ExploringDPM_Demo

Module 14 Hyper­V And SCVMM Review

14.1 Hyper­VAndSCVMMReview­Part1

14.2 Hyper­VAndSCVMMReview­Part2

14.3 Hyper­VAndSCVMMReview­Part3

14.4 Hyper­VAndSCVMMReview­Part4

14.5 Exam74­409Outro


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