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This course is aimed at anyone looking to gain entry into the IT field as a Support Technician. Support Technicians are the backbone of any IT department. They ensure the smooth running of the IT infrastructure within a company or organisation and offer guidance to anyone needing assistance. As a result, technical support is one of the most abundant jobs available within the IT field.

The IT Support Technician course starts off with the entry-level CompTIA Strata which covers the absolute basics of IT, from terminology to concepts. It is frequently used as a requirement for personnel looking to working in IT sales. The course then progresses onto the CompTIA A+ course which covers the next level of IT technical administration from installing and managing operating systems to exploring and understanding computer hardware. From there you will be exploring how to build and manage networks; implement a virtual desktop environment; configure and manage a server; build a cloud infrastructure; and gain a thorough understanding of the Windows 8.1 operating system, from installation to management and trouble-shooting.

Each course leads to a certification in its own field.  You can choose to take one or all of the courses within the bundle.  Scroll down to view the details of each course. We have provided a salary guide below to give you an idea of how much you can potentially earn by gaining just one of the certifications listed.

This bundle contains 10 separate certification courses. 
GOOD TO KNOW: By enrolling onto this course you will get access to all of the courses listed on this course page. You will not have to pay for each course individually.

Click here to view a demo of the CompTIA A+ course.


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