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Six Sigma is a highly disciplined, data-driven improvement program that helps companies focus on eliminating defects in any process and delivering near-perfect products and services. Six Sigma has been globally accepted as a profitable and winning business strategy. More and more companies are embracing Six Sigma in a time when competition and sluggish markets have left operational efficiency and quality improvement as the only way to protect margins and win customer loyalty.

Originally developed in Toyota’s manufacturing operations, Lean is a continuous improvement approach that focuses activities on reducing wastes. Whereas Six Sigma helps companies reduce defects and improve quality, Lean thinking helps reduce waste and improve process flow and speed. Due to the complementary nature of the Lean approach, many organizations incorporate it into their overall Six Sigma strategy.


Six Sigma and the Organization

Six Sigma and Lean in the Organization
Six Sigma: Define

  • Processes and Customer Analysis in Six Sigma Projects
  • Basics of Six Sigma Projects and Teams
  • Tools for Planning and Managing Six Sigma Project Opportunities
  • Using Six Sigma Analysis Tools and Metrics for Project Decisions

Six Sigma: Measure

  • Modeling and Analyzing Processes in Six Sigma
  • Statistics and Probability in Six Sigma
  • Data Classification and Collection in Six Sigma
  • Summarizing and Presenting Data in Six Sigma
  • Probability Distributions and Measurement Systems Analysis in Six Sigma
  • Measuring Process Capability and Performance in Six Sigma

Six Sigma: Analyse

  • Exploratory Data Analysis in Six Sigma
  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing and Testing for Means in Six Sigma
  • Hypothesis Tests for Variances, Proportions, ANOVA, and Chi-Square in Six Sigma

Six Sigma: Improve and Control

  • Design of Experiments and Validation of Solutions in Six Sigma
  • Statistical Process Control and Control Plans in Six Sigma
  • Using Basic Control Charts in Six Sigma

Six Sigma: Champion Training

  • Introduction to Six Sigma for Champions
  • Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • Six Sigma Projects and Project Teams
  • Managing and Deploying Six Sigma


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