Certificate in Equality and Diversity Level 3

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This BYTSYZ online course is suitable for any individual who has a responsibility to, uphold the equality of others and accept human diversity (eg. charity workers, youth organisations, voluntary organisations, college staff/students, school staff, care organisations, NHS trusts etc).

This course of study will also be relevant to any individual who has to interact with and accept the diversity of others as part of their daily work.

It will be of particular benefit for people who work in social care settings. The course meets the following Common Induction Standards for newly appointed individual working with adults in a social care setting: 1.1.2 and 1.1.3.

It also meets the criteria for the Equality and Diversity Level 3 NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework.

Course Description

This BYTSYZ online course will enable students to understand the concepts of equality and diversity and enable them to understand peoples' rights and responsibilities in relation to these concepts.
During their study the student will gain an understanding of the values and beliefs that underpin human diversity and learn to identify the range of human characteristics that create such diversity. There will be an exploration of how negative views of human diversity can lead to stereotyping and prejudice.
The course will examine the traits of discrimination enabling the student to differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination, which will lead the student into exploring harassment and victimisation and the impact this can have on individuals. A key focus is about achieving anti-discriminatory practice and enabling the student to recognise and confront discriminatory practice in others.

There is an important examination of the Human Rights Act and the legislation that serves to maintain equality and ensure the acceptability of human diversity.

At the end of the study the student will be encouraged to take personal action and develop a personal action plan to enhance their equality and diversity practice. BYTSYZ encourages the participation of line managers in the development and evaluation of this plan.

Course Objectives

  • Define the terms equality and diversity
  • Differentiate between an individual's rights and responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity
  • Identify individual rights and responsibilities in a range of equality and diversity situations
  • Explain the values and beliefs that underpin human diversity
  • Identify the range of characteristics in human diversity and recognise how negative views lead to prejudice
  • Describe the concepts of prejudice and stereotyping and the resulting negative effects
  • Specify the factors upon which discrimination can be based and differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination
  • Define harassment and victimisation giving a range of examples of each
  • Illustrate ways in which discrimination can be minimised and identify situations where it is acceptable
  • Identify a range of at least six human rights depicted in the 1998 Human Rights Act
  • Explain the key features and aspects of the Equality Act 2010
  • Take personal action to reduce discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of equality and diversity


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