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In today’s competitive job market, a CertCE in Business Studies really makes a candidate stand out from the crowd.
In this online and part-time course, students are taught practical business skills while also developing their communication, presentation, writing, analytical and critical-thinking abilities. The course also explains the structure and dynamics of different types of organisations and describes different leadership and managerial approaches. It also teaches students to become adept at analysing, evaluating and interpreting information and problem-solving.
If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, to get a promotion or just improve your salary prospects, a CertCE in Business Studies will help you boost your CV and impress your future employers with this well-known qualification from a top UK university. And because this course is online and part-time, you don’t need to give up your current job and can study when and where it suits you.
A CertCE in Business Studies is a versatile and wide-ranging qualification. Graduates develop a large number of transferable skills and can choose to pursue a career in almost every industry including consultancy, human resources management, operations management, general management, marketing, finance and accounting.
If you want to continue studying, this course can also be studied as a standalone qualification or as the first step towards a Diploma or Bachelors degree.

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