CIW Web Design - Site Development Associate

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About the course

The CIW Site Development Associate course teaches you essential web page development skills such as manual coding, HTMLS5 and CSS. Reduced to a special rate of only £228 or 3 affordable monthly spread payments of £76 – interest free

Built for the web industry by the web industry

ITonlinelearning is a proud CIW Authorised Academic Partner

The CIW Site Development Associate training course will ensure that you will learn how to code manually using (Hypertext Markup Language version 5) HTML5 and (Cascading Style Sheets) CSS, as well as use graphical user interface (GUI) authoring tools. You will also learn to incorporate forms, video and audio to Web pages.

Putting this certification on your CV broadens your future opportunities and significantly improves your chances of earning a higher income with current or future employers.

CIW Site Development Associate
This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn fundamental skills and knowledge needed to work with basic web sites.

Training features

• CIW supplemental materials include files required to complete the coursework
• CIW pre-assessment, determines existing skill levels
• CIW movie clips, provide supplementary instruction in a multimedia format
• CIW course mastery, is an online tool that delivers CIW course review questions
• CIW lesson quizzes found on each of the lesson pages
• CIW online exercises review knowledge of the topics
• CIW practice exams, variety of tests designed to assess the students’ knowledge

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