CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply

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This CIPS Level 4 Diploma course leads on from the Level 3 Advanced Certificate course, and offers an industry-standard qualification that demonstrates to employers that you are have advanced skills in procurement and supply. It formalises your existing skills, and builds on them so that you are able to apply the fundamentals of this fascinating profession to jobs in procurement and supply in practically any business or industry. Key Topics

Contexts of Procurement and Supply

Learn how to apply the fundamental principles of purchasing and supply in a variety of different contexts, including a range of private sector organisations, the public sector, national and local government, the NHS, and the not-for profit sector. Consider the procurement cycle as it applies to a diverse range of purchased products and services, both domestically and in an international context.

Business Needs in Procurement and Supply

Discover how to measure the effectiveness of the supply chain and its contribution towards aiding the competitiveness and effectiveness of an organisation. Learn how to evaluate supplier performance and how to make suggestions for future improvements.

Sourcing in Procurement and Supply

Understand the complexities of both the legalities and commercial issues of contractual arrangements entered into with external organisations. Gain an underpinning knowledge of the legalities of the formation of contracts as well as the key ingredients of any commercial arrangement.

Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement and Supply

Learn how to prepare, plan and participate in the negotiation process, discovering how to achieve best value within the supply chain. Gain the skills to analyse costs and markets effectively. Consider various legal implications that affect negotiations. Understand how to avoid conflict while maintaining the balance of power.

Managing Contracts and Relationships in Procurement and Supply

Discover how to develop and manage effective relationships, old and new, within the supply chain. Consider methods of review, and learn how to identify opportunities for establishing new relationships. Gain the skills to enhance the performance of the supply chain. Explore the benefits and risks of relationships.

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