Certificate in Introduction to Health and Safety Level 2

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About the course

Each year at work, over:

  • 200 people are killed
  • One million people are injured
  • Two million suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work.

Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is important for everyone. It is very important, therefore, that all employees have a good understanding of the health and safety issues that exist and what to do to protect themselves and others.
This BYTSYZ course will look at the key areas of Health and Safety at work that should be covered at the induction of new employees. The course consists of two modules:

1. Getting to Grips with Health and Safety

  • Importance of health and safety
  • Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • The main causes of accidents and injuries at work
  • Reporting: accidents, near misses and hazards in the workplace.

2. Creating a Healthy and Safe Workplace

  • Understanding the meaning and important of safety signs
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire safety.

Through this induction course we will examine the main health and safety issues that affect everyone in the workplace. Employees as well as employers have a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment. Poor health and safety leads to illness and accidents, which add extra and unnecessary costs for the organisation.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the key issues relating to Health and Safety legislation
  • Explain the main causes of accidents at work and subsequent accident reporting
  • Explain the importance of and types of safety signs and personal protective clothing
  • Explain the main causes of fire and how to remain safe during fire situations


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