Substance Misuse for Practitioners Level 3

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Course Modules

  • Causes and Types of Substance Misuse
  • Signs and Effects of Substance Misuse
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Maintaining Confidentiality and Record Keeping
  • Substance Misuse and the Law
  • Training and Assessment method

    e-Learning, Online (exclusively over the Internet).
    Multiple choice questions (instant results).

    Average study time

    12 hours 32 minutes
    (this time does not in anyway suggest that you personally will complete the course in this time. Some individuals study faster then others so the study time differs from individual to individual.)

    Evidence of achievement

    BYTSYZ e-Learning Certificate of achievement and student transcript.

    This BYTSYZ online course is suitable for

    Care workers and senior carers who have a key role working with service users who are, or who have been involved in the misuse of illegal and illicit substances.

    Anyone whose role involves the support of people who are, or who have been involved in the misuse of illegal and illicit substances.

    Course Description

    This BYTSYZ online course is designed for care workers or individuals who, as a key part of their role, work with individuals who have been involved in substance misuse. It will enable students to understand the key issues relating to substance misuse and how individuals may be treated and supported as well as what can be done to prevent further recurrence.

    During their study the student will gain an understanding of the types and causes of substance misuse plus the signs and effects of substance misuse on the individual. There will be an exploration of the treatment and prevention of substance misuse with a particular emphasis on handling personal information and the importance of maintaining accurate records and record keeping.

    There is close examination of the law relating to the misuse of substances.

    The course should encourage the student to take personal action and develop and enhance their practice when caring for individuals who misuse substances.

    BYTSYZ encourages the participation of line managers in the learning process.


    Course Objectives
  • Explain the major social, personal and medical factors that can lead to substance misuse
  • Discus the patterns of misuse that often occur, the types of dependence that substance misuse can lead to and the stages of substance misuse that lead to addiction
  • Describe the range of substances commonly misused and their effects
  • Explain the physical, behavioural and psychological signs of substance misuse
  • Describe the effects of substance misuse on the brain and health
  • Explain the principles behind the range of treatments used with individuals who misuse substances
  • Identify the range of treatments, the purpose of rehabilitation and tips for helping individuals remain 'drug-free'
  • Explain the importance of confidentiality, with specific reference to data protection and the freedom of information
  • Know the types and forms of records used in the workplace, the importance of recording accurate information and the rules in relation to accessing such records
  • Explain the role of the care worker in effective record keeping and identify the appropriate use of records
  • Explain the main legislation relating to substance misuse including the National Harm Reduction Strategy
  • Explain the strategy for reducing supply and the legal consequences of substance misuse


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