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This course will teach you how to make sushi in bitesize easy to replicate steps. It really is simple when you know how. There’s loads of easy demonstrations to get you started. You’ll learn how to prepare the ingredients, what fish to buy and how to make a delectable feast of Sushi.

It shows you how to make a perfect sushi platter and even gives you lots of tips how to slice salads and vegetables so they look stunning on the plate. There’s so many different recipes it’ll be hard to decide which one’s your favourite.

From simple scattered sushi to uramaki rolls this course will give the basics to the more advanced sushi techniques. And don’t forget the wasabi to give your food and your dinner guests a fiery taste!

So get started – it’ll be sushi good fun ;-)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to make scattered sushi
  • What ingredients you’ll need
  • How to prepare each individual element
  • How to make sushi for children
  • How to make a tasty platter of uramaki rolls
  • You’ll learn all the neat tricks to make your sushi platter look amazing

What can I really expect from this Make Delicious Sushi course?

You'll learn how to prepare some amazing Japanese food. Literally in two hours you’ll become an extremely proficient sushi maker! By the end of the course you’ll be able to have an awesome Japanese dinner party with your friends or family.

And don’t forget the sake!


  1. Make Delicious Sushi 28.32 mins

    How To Make Sushi, How To Prepare Sushi, Ingredients, Japanese Omelette, Garnish & Decorations.
  2. Make Delicious Sushi-Meals 33.48 mins

    Scattered Sushi, Beef Fillet Scattered Sushi, Rice Paper Rolls, Hoso Maki, Children's Sushi.
  3. Make Delicious Sushi- Recipes 37.05 mins

    How To Make Sushi, Uramaki, Smoked Salmon, Uramaki, Prawn Uramaki, Hand Roll Sushi, Vegetarian Hand Roll, Nigiri Sushi, Sushi Sandwiches


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