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This course will allow you to master the art of sales psychology. Within it, you will learn the fundamental principles that underly sales technique and the importance of psychology within sales. You will also learn how to develop connections with customers and influence them without being manipulative.

Greg Vanderford is a full time real estate investor and online entrepreneur specialising in flipping properties and sharing his expertise. He previously taught English as a second language in Vietnam for almost 2 years and opened and ran a sports training company, Saigon Sports Academy, for his final 3 years. He also holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration and a masters in education, enhancing his proficiency in teaching sales psychology.

Psychology is a major aspect utilised in driving sales. By taking this course you can learn the skills required for success within the Sales Industry and learn what separates a great sales person from an average sales person. If you've chosen to learn how to make more money within sales and enjoy your time doing it than this course is for you.


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