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This bundle is a complete career planning guide, covering everything from creating an amazing CV, how to use LinkedIn most effectively and finally creating Personal Development Plans. You will start by moving step by step through the process of creating an absolutely stunning CV for yourself both on paper and online.

Once you have created an amazing CV you will then learn how to maximise your profile, and get the most out of LinkedIn. Pick up tips on how to boost your connections, and get the leads you deserve. Social media experts Efficiency Czar (who ranks in the top 1% of views for his industry) and Digital Entrepreneur, Alex Genadinik, are generating business leads through LinkedIn right now, and can help you do the same.

Finally, you will learn how to get into the mindset of a corporate winner and experience success, discover the secrets of fast corporate career progression, and learn how to create and use your own Personal Development Plan.



Silicon Valley Career Masterclass: The CV Project

Part 1 - Welcome to the Career Hacking Course

Part 2 - The Big 6

Part 3 - Keywords & Transferable Skills

Part 4 - Content Writing

Part 5 - Side by Sides

Part 6 - Some Extra Help

Part 7 - Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Part 8 - A Word From the Expert

Part 9 - Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Part 10 - Advanced LinkedIn Profiles


LinkedIn Networking

Part 1 - The Basics

Part 2 - Advanced Strategies

Part 3 - Email Introductions

Part 4 - Influencer lists

Part 5 - LinkedIn basics, if you need them

Part 6 - Summary


Career Development: Accelerate Your Corporate Career

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Succeeding in the Corporate World

Part 3 - Your Personal Development Plan

Part 4 - Working With Your Seniors to Progress

Part 5 - Conclusion



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