Goal Setting: The Science of Success

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Find out the best ways to set and achieve your goals, as proven by psychological research! This course uses the science of goal setting to help you to form manageable targets, and teaches you helpful tricks to ensure your goals translate into success!

Manuel Kraus is an expert in positive psychology who is interested in how we experience meaning in life, as well as how we can change negative mindsets and increase our success. He set up the Good Life Foundation, which uses workshops, seminars and online courses to spread the exciting findings in this field and help people live more fulfilled, successful lives.

In this course, Manuel gives you important practical advice to use when setting goals in your life. You will learn the key elements of what makes a good goal and why SMART goals aren't good enough. You'll find out how to create successful short and long-term goals, and discover the benefits of making your goals public. You'll also learn even more tricks to help you stay on track!


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