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Have you ever wanted to speak Vietnamese but always thought it would cost you too much time? Learn Vietnamese For Life offers you the chance to gain fluent and conversational language skills that you can apply with confidence and ease.

Designed for both efficiency and proficiency, Greg Vanderford's course will teach you everyday Vietnamese in the shortest timeframe possible. It is structured into short, easy to grasp instructional videos tackling one subject at a time.

Whether you're planning a trip to Vietnam, or simply wish to communicate with Vietnamese friends, you will learn the tricks and tips needed to learn a language for life.

Everything in the course is useful and practical, from conversational phrases and vocabulary, to popular slang and how to pronounce difficult tones and accents of Vietnamese.

Greg holds a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. He first learned the language himself whilst living in Vietnam and has adapted the course content from popular language textbooks used at the University of Sociology and Language Arts in Ho Chi Minh City - omitting any unnecessary or superfluous vocabulary and grammar rules.


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