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This bundle is a complete guide to creating a profitable life coaching business, you will learn the basics of life coaching and how to transfer your skills into a lucrative business! The introductory phase of this bundle will help you to gain a firm grasp on the principles and foundations of life coaching, it will make you feel more empowered and confident in your life coaching abilities.

The Life Coaching Diploma course will cover all aspects of life coaching and so makes it the perfect choice for those people wishing to train as a life coach, as well as those wishing to set up their own life coaching practice. Equally though, it is perfect for those who wish to use life coaching as a self development tool, in order to reach one's full potential.

Once you have gained the skills to establish a career as a life coach you will learn the tools that will help you to empower clients to unleash their own happiness, and make changes in your own life too. Learn how happiness is defined, how to intercept negative thought patterns, and peel away at layers. Spread your positivity and become a life coach!



Life Coaching: The Complete Introduction

Part 1 - Introduction to Life Coaching

Part 2 - Self Awareness as a Coach

Part 3 - Setting Expectations

Part 4 - Your Life Coaching Business

Part 5 - Coaching Process and Methodologies

Part 6 - Coaching Tools and Techniques

Part 7 - Communication Techniques: Listening

Part 8 - Communication Techniques: Questioning

Part 9 - Communication Techniques: NLP

Part 10 - Mindset

Part 11 - Coaching Forms and Template

Part 12 - Conclusion & Next Steps


Life Coaching Diploma

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Coaching, Counselling, Consulting and Mentoring

Part 3 - The Basics

Part 4 - Coaching Models

Part 5 - Communication & Passive Aggressive Assertive Exercise

Part 6 - Feedback

Part 7 - Conclusion & Next Steps


Happiness Life Coaching Certification

Part 1 - Happiness Coach Introduction

Part 2 - Coaching Tips And Tools

Part 3 - Layer 1: Desire (influences/programming/expectations)

Part 4 - Layer 2: Limiting Beliefs (unconscious/agreements)

Part 5 - Layer 3: Ego and Identity (attachments/roles)

Part 6 - Layer 4: Time (past and future vs the now)

Part 7 - Layer 5: Patterns and Conditioning (rewiring for joy)

Part 8 - Layer 6: Your Current Mood (emotions)

Part 9 - Wrap Up & Bonuses: Unleash Your Happiness


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