Master Photoshop In A Week

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The best way to learn is to learn by doing!

7 Fun, Step-By-Step Tutorials - Walk Away With 7 Dynamic Images. A Creative, Hands-On Approach.

In this practical, step-by-step tutorial course, you will learn key tools in Photoshop by creating 7 dynamic images. From start to finish, I will walk you through the process of starting with plain, normal photos, and guide you as we transform them into awesome masterpieces together.

7 Fun Projects Over 7 Days.

Rather than teach you a bunch of scattered concepts, I find that most people get a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from creating a work from start to finish, and learning along the way.

If you learn best by rolling up your sleeves and working in a project-based fashion, then this course is especially for you. Conquer a project a day in this course, and you will find that by the end of a week, you will know much more about Photoshop than when you started.


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