Coaches: Building Workshops & Attracting Clients

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Make the most of your knowledge and skills by learning how to teach them in a workshop! This course will help you understand what makes a good workshop and give you advice on how to attract clients to get involved. It will enable you to turn your expertise into a successful, profitable business!

Joeel & Natalie Rivera have a passion for helping others lead fulfilling lives and deliver life coaching workshops in many different areas. Natalie is entrepreneurial and set up her own life coaching business, Transformation Services, while Joeel uses his Masters in Counselling to empower others. They are perfectly experienced to help you start your own workshops!

In this course, you will learn how to harness your expertise and develop a teachable workshop. You'll discover what to include in the introduction, main bulk, and closing of your workshop, as well as how to enthuse your clients and offer them other services. The business and marketing tips will also help you attract clients and grow your workshops into a success!


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