Mindful and Responsive Parenting

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Do you want to better understand and improve your relationship with your child? Then you are not alone and have come to the right place! This course will help you reduce stress and anxiety when dealing with your children, help you to become a less reactive parent and help your child develop naturally, which will in turn make the process of parenthood a lot more enjoyable.

Kellie Edwards has made this course to ensure that you become the best parent that your child could possibly wish for. Kellie will use her experiences from being on the brink of exhaustion, depletion and depression as a result of parenthood to show you how mindfulness and self-compassion are the most profoundly supportive parenting resources.

This course will provide you with solutions for when parenting gets stressful and exhausting, this will allow you to maintain a more loving and connected relationship with your husband/wife and children. You will be able to support your child's well-being and help them manage the ups and downs of life by reacting positively to their behaviour.


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