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This Nutritional Therapist course provides you with the information essential for every nutritional therapist. It gives you a comprehensive insight into nutrition and the scientific components of what we are consuming, and offers advice about what we should be eating. Learn about supplements, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and how to advise, diagnose and treat food related illnesses as a nutritional therapist.

Dr .Lawrence Plaskett was the first in the UK to set up a College for training Nutritional Medicine Practitioners in 1982, teaching a holistic approach. His College of 700 students took up a leading position in the UK and now licenses his training courses to colleges and individual around the world, covering Nutritional Medicine, Ideology and Slimming Consultancy. He also has over 80 publications on nutritional issues and designed a range of nutritional supplement products.

This course is designed for anybody who wants to learn about nutritional therapy and gain expertise in the area. If you are passionate about diet and nutrition and ready to gain a deeper understanding into the science behind it, than this course is for you. It will provide you with the knowledge of nutrients and what we are eating, help you to choose a better more sustaining diet and lead you on your journey to becoming a nutritional therapist.


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