Travel Writing: Publish Your Stories

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Are you a seasoned traveller, with a tale or two to tell? If so, this course will help turn your scribblings into stories to be shared and enjoyed. This is course is for anyone with itchy feet an interest in travel writing, and who wants to publish their stories.

Whether you’re blogger, interested in making money from your adventure or still at the note-taking stage, this course will help you the next step of your journey.

Writer and humorist, Dave Fox will help you to find and refine your voice as a writer. You will also learn the differences between journaling and storytelling, how to structure your story, and write with flare.

Whether you want to write for profit, or just for fun; these video-based lectures will give you the tools you need to write compelling stories. Sharpen your pencil, and make sure your readers make a return visit.


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