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Airbrush tanning is a much-improved version of spray tanning that gives a more natural look based on the recipient's skin type, uses natural substances (rather than dangerous chemicals), requires only one session, and lasts for 6-10 days. This course will teach you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to start and grow your airbrush tanning business.

From the course, you will discover how airbrush tanning is defined. This includes why it has come about and the benefits of this technique over other sunless tanning options and sun tanning itself, taking cost, health, application, and aesthetics into consideration.

The Airbrush Tanning Business Diploma Course goes into great depth about the equipment you will need to offer this service and the different options available, including the various types of airbrush and how to choose a compressor. You will learn how to assemble, operate, and properly clean and maintain these tools, to ensure longevity and optimal performance. You will also learn about the protective equipment that you and your clients should wear during the treatment.

Along with your skills, your tools keep you in employment, so it can be devastating when something goes wrong with them. The course offers a troubleshooting guide to common problems that you may face, giving solutions that will have you back up and running quickly.

You will learn about safety precautions to take with clients, the anatomy of the skin, how airbrushing works, the range of tans that you can offer and who would benefit from each, and the safety and medical questions you should ask a client before providing the service.

The Airbrush Tanning Business Diploma Course offers pre and post-tan guidance that you can pass on to clients, to ensure they get the best results and know how to keep their tan properly maintained – giving the best look, for longer.

The course offers a tanning troubleshooting guide, so you’ll be prepared for pitfalls before they happen or have the answers to hand when you need them, should the unexpected occur. In addition to this guide, the course also provides an FAQ section to remove any uncertainties.

As is the case when anything is added to the body, there is a slight possibility of side effects from airbrush tanning. Although they are rare, this course goes through the associated risks and the proper precautions that can be taken.

In addition to providing you with guidance and information about airbrush tanning, the course also offers tips and advice on how to set up, start, market, and make a success of your own business in this area.


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