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Aromatherapists use the concentrated essences of plants to encourage the body back into a state of wellness. Essential oils can be used to relax, to stimulate or uplift. This aromatherapy course will show you it is a valuable way to treat stress-related illness and set up your own practice as an aromatherapist.

The course is made up of two separate qualifications: The Aromatherapy Diploma and a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Explore the different systems of the body and the oils which affect its different parts.
  • Study the history of aromatherapy. How the plant medicine of our ancestors was forgotten but has been re-found.
  • Discover how to use aromatherapy to treat simple conditions
  • Uncover the beauty secrets of essential oils affect the skin
  • Learn how massage and lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Gain the business requirements  to run a successful aromatherapy practice

A successful aromatherapist can earn an income of between £18-22,000 pa depending on geographical location and experience.


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