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This Beauty Therapist Diploma Course teaches you how to improve a client’s appearance and general well-being by teaching you about health and beauty from the inside to out.

Beauty therapy is a glamorous and well sought after career. Good therapists are always in demand and they can achieve a very good working wage.

But where other courses may stop at beauty techniques, we take the learning one step further. Understanding many of our students have aspirations to work for themselves or run their own salons we have detailed modules to help you build the foundations of a new business too.

A beauty therapist can command a salary of around £19,000 depending on their experience and geographical location. This is a career where you can easily build on fields of experience and be sought out for your specialist knowledge

Whilst it is true that beauty of in the eye of the beholder, there aren’t many women who don’t welcome the opportunity of giving nature a hand. Technological breakthroughs mean that not only can ageing be slowed but a person’s look can be completely transformed. No matter what happens to the economy people will always need beauticians.


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