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The eBay Business Diploma Course shows students, step-by-step, how to set up and grow a successful eBay business from anywhere in the world. This course aims to give you a better understanding of how you can benefit from growing a business on the website.

eBay is an ever-growing platform where anyone can sign up for free and purchase anything that their heart desires, from clothing to jewellery, kids clothes to food. Thousands of transactions are hosted by eBay every single day, providing the ideal business opportunity to sell to a huge audience of people over a small period of time. Thus, eBay is one of the most powerful e-commerce sites to have emerged.

Students will learn in great length the origins of the website, what eBay is, its purpose, and what it is used for. We talk about the growth of eBay over the past few decades, and the strategies used to maintain its growth.

We show you how to register as a user, as well as educating on the dos and don’ts and other necessary information that should be understood before beginning to use eBay. Giving you details on how to be a good seller on the site and talks about the importance of securing good feedback and how to achieve it.

With a detailed discussion of the policies and legalities of eBay, and why it is necessary to understand the terms and conditions before you set foot in the eBay market. We show you how to set up a business on eBay and briefly discuss how to manage your sales on eBay, and the ways to constantly improve them.

We provide you with insight into how to decide what you should sell. The module ends with a list of goods that are popular amongst buyers on eBay and how these goods can be profitable.

We discuss storage and shipping details that you need to understand in order to run your business efficiently. And, highlight some of the problems that you can face in the storage and shipping of your goods, and how to avoid them.

We demonstrate marketing skills for a basic eBay business. The course also talks about promoting your eBay business on other platforms.

We discuss how to run a successful business effectively on eBay and we build on how you can improve your sales and profits. You will learn the legalities of expanding your business and how to keep your expanding business secure online.

We show you some eBay success stories, along with some accounts of failures, to give you a well-rounded image. We highlight how to avoid the mistakes common among people who start a new business on eBay.


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