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This is a specialised course that supplies all the information and guidance you need to understand flower and vibrational essences and create flower remedies. In addition to this, the course explains how to go about setting up and growing a business and how to work with clients.

From this course, you will learn what vibrational essences are and how they work. You will be guided through how flower essences work with the resonance of the body and allow rebalancing to occur. The principles and history of the practice are also covered.

The Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner Course gives an in-depth explanation of vibrational therapy, with chakras, meridians, auras, and energy realms all covered. It looks at the contradiction between quantum physics and clinical medicine and discusses the resonance and vibrational qualities of energy and how flower essences fit into this.

As you will be working with the body, it is important to understand anatomy and physiology. This course gives an overview of the systems of the body, organs, and even cells. It also covers the mind-body connection and how emotions and stress affect the physical body, and the chemical changes that occur when the mind is under stress.

Connecting the practical to the theoretical, the Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner Course discusses your own vibration and how to vibrate higher. This is important to understand as intent is the most important part of the creation of remedies. You will also find out what equipment you need and how to go about creating the flower remedies themselves.

To aid you in the creation of your remedies, the course supplies a comprehensive guide to flowers and their most popular remedial uses. Along with this reference for practitioners, Bach flower remedies and their uses are also explained.

As a Flower Remedy Practitioner, you will be a holistic therapist, so a basic knowledge of what exactly this entails is essential learning. The Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner Course explains what holistic health is, and also gives advice on how to work with clients as a holistic therapist.

The Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner Course also provides you with guidance on how to go about setting up and growing a successful practice. Along with information on how to create a business plan and set targeted, measurable goals, you’ll also learn about the necessary documentation that needs to be submitted and even how to get into a mindset of success.


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