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This course teaches the history, underlying concepts, neurobiology, and techniques that make up Gestalt Therapy. You will discover how to use this information as a holistic therapist and create a business helping others while improving your self-awareness.

The main force behind the development of Gestalt Therapy was Fritz Perls, who changed the dynamic of the client-therapist relationship, moving ownership of treatment from the therapist to the client. This approach encourages personal responsibility for conditions, whilst providing the tools required to empower the mind. Clients are encouraged to move the mindset away from past experiences, and the emotions they conjure, into the here and now, making self-regulating adjustments as needed. It treats the mind, body and spirit as one, rather than individual entities, to provide a complete holistic treatment.

The Gestalt Therapy Course lays out the history of the practice, to give a solid foundation of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the subject, its origins, and how it has evolved. From this, you will gain insight into this very specific way of dealing with psychological health problems.

You will explore the concepts used in Gestalt Therapy. These concepts include: Phenomenology, Insight, Field Theory, Existentialism, and Human Givens, the understanding of which provides an improved comprehension of the Gestalt Method.

Connecting body and mind, the Gestalt Therapy Course takes you through the areas of the brain and nervous system that affect psychological health and wellbeing. The knowledge of which explains the biological functions that are related to specific states of mind and why the mind-body connection is so important in medical care.

You will learn the methods that are unique to Gestalt Therapy, which help clients to explore and understand their patterns of thought and emotion. How a therapist should act in a therapy session and how to build rapport and trust with a client through skilful communication, are also covered.

Putting Gestalt Therapy into practice, the course guides you through several exercises that are designed to promote awareness and positive change. By experiencing these, you will gain a practical knowledge of the Gestalt Method that you can use for yourself and with your clients.

The course will show you, in comprehensive detail, how to use the Gestalt Method as a holistic practice. You will be taught about the considerations that should be made before beginning Gestalt Therapy and be guided through the three stages of therapy involved in the practice. Each of these steps is broken down into smaller parts – improving your understanding of each stage.

The Gestalt Therapy Course provides extensive information on how to take all that you have learned from the course and turn it into a business. Whether you wish to be a self-employed therapist or build a business from the ground up, this course provides the tools to get you going or to grow your existing business. You will learn how to formulate an effective business plan, the various ways to market your business and build your client base, critical information on self-employment and law, and even how to go about choosing a name.


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