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The Hypnobirthing Diploma Course is designed to teach expectant mothers, who are interested in effective, holistic pain relief in childbirth, about the methods and techniques used in hypnobirthing, as well proving its validity, through real-world case studies and scientific research.

Likewise, birthing partners and others in the mother’s support network will find this reading invaluable in aiding the process.

Students will learn the basics, explaining hypnotism and the psychological theories that have shaped the techniques used in hypnotherapy. Also provided, is information on the observed and self-reported positive results of those who have used hypnobirthing in their labour, as well as discussing the physiological and psychological factors that lead to these positive results.

We will address methods used, as well as dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding hypnobirthing. We will be looking at wider use of hypnosis as a pain management technique in other areas of health care, as well as providing examples and research on the successful application of hypnotherapy in childbirth.

Relating the theory to practical application, the 3rd module of the Hypnobirthing Diploma Course discusses real-world case studies of patients who have used hypnobirthing to deliver their children. The module describes the people who have used the techniques, why they chose this method of pain-relief, and their responses to the techniques during childbirth.

Hypnobirthing isn’t restricted to a single technique, but presents different options and techniques, with variations in the way they are performed, to suit the needs of the individual. We will talk about who can practice hypnobirthing. The partner of the mother, parents, family members, and friends can get involved, or the mother can even use self-hypnosis.

We look at the techniques used to perform hypnobirthing, including a general outline of a hypnobirthing script and the way you should proceed in performing hypnobirthing for yourself or your client. Students are taught about the equipment they will need, how to prepare for and move quickly through the hypnosis steps before childbirth, and how to adjust to a patient’s changing moods and stress levels.

If you are keen to set up your own hypnobirthing practice, we give you advice on advertising and promoting your business. Alongside from regular marketing promotions, we talk about how students may wish to include free introductory offers, workshops, and information sessions to provide information to those who may be sceptical, ensuring customers understand the benefits, before committing time and finances.


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