Indian Head Massage Diploma Course

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As Indian Head Massage involves stimulating areas of the head, neck ,shoulders, and face, it is important for practitioners to have an understanding of these areas of the anatomy before any massage techniques can be applied to them, and so this area is covered in the course materials.

More than just the physical act of massage, the Indian Head Massage course talks you through how to understand your client better and how using techniques, such as visualisation and various breathing techniques, can help to improve the client’s experience and enhance the benefit they get from the session.

The course also talks through how to set up a comfortable environment for the client, as well as how to treat specific clients.

Understanding Massage

The physical side of the massage, this part of the course talks you through the various techniques that can be employed and how each of them benefits the client, as well as the spiritual side of Indian Head Massage. This part of the course culminates in how to perform a basic Indian Head Massage using the newly-learned techniques.


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