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Laughter is something that comes to us naturally, but why? The Laughter Therapy Diploma Course explains this, offering evolutionary reasoning and social theories that bring a greater understanding of this natural behaviour that is so effective it can be used in structured therapy.

To understand why Laughter Therapy has come about, you need to understand why people would be encouraged to laugh and what specific physical benefits they would gain. The course describes various systems and parts of the body, explaining their purposes and how laughter has a positive physiological effect on them and can trigger healing.

It’s hard to hang on to negative thoughts and feelings when you’re laughing. With this in mind, the Laughter Therapy Diploma Course looks at the benefits of laughter on mental health. You will learn the benefits of involving laughter in long-term mental and emotional wellbeing.

The course explores the fundamental aspects of Positive Psychology and the association between traditional human needs and security and happiness. You will explore the different approaches in the humanistic psychology perspective and how they can be used in laughter therapy.

You will learn about mental health, including how negative habitual thinking patterns can develop and how they affect our general mindset. The course also looks at how the practice of Mindfulness can help combat current mental health problems and provide resilience to future issues.

In addition to providing knowledge on the theories and practices of Laughter Therapy, the course explores therapy itself, as a career path. You will be guided through the skills required to be a successful therapist, along with the ethical considerations and legal requirements that ensure your practice is a safe and secure place for clients. Next steps for you to take in order to create your own laughter therapy practice are also provided.

After taking you through all the necessary prerequisite knowledge, the course goes into an in-depth explanation of the four steps of Laughter Therapy. You will gain an understanding of how to use these foundational steps with a client and how to adapt and expand on them to suit specific needs.


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